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A sure sign of Spring Garlic

Perhaps one of the most pleasant and surest signs of spring are the greens, reds and pinks that begin to populate the trees making up our landscape. The soft warm colors, create a hopeful back drop, evoking feelings that reside deep in the fiber of us as animals. We would imagine these feelings are similar to those felt by all the insects and animals who have been patiently awaiting April’s sights and smells . Whether you fancy yourself simply a lover of spring, one of the good food people, an avid gardener or all the above, you too have been patient. Patience after all is a virtue to be admired and rewarded. Spring Garlic, for us is one these signs and yes a little reward. Harvested early while the whole plant is still tender it has a delicate garlic flavor and the entire plant can be used much like a scallion or leek. Around for only a few weeks a gentle preview of what is to come. Reminding us to hold fast and stay strong the paradise of spring and summer is not far off, just look too the trees and ask your animal friends.

While you are out there looking if you are a gardener, take some time and think over what you want to grow. Even if you haven’t grown and are thinking about giving it a shot now is the perfect time. Starting with a wider variety of tomatoes we will be adding more and more variety of warm whether veg. Cukes, squash, eggplant will all be available soon with peppers making their first appearance at the market this weekend. Don’t forget we are running a 10 plants for 50 sale, simply choose the 10 for 50 item when preordering and email us your choices from what is available online. We encourage everyone that is growing from a large plot to a single pot, if you have questions, concerns or even just tales of veg, send us a line or come see us at the market. We love to talk growing and really appreciate being able to share food and conversation with you all.

Speaking of markets and sure signs of Spring this is the last week of only one market per week with Madison set to open Friday 5/5. We are looking forward to another great market season every Friday (except for one in June, date to be announced) from 3-6. Starting next week the Madison Farmer’s Market will be added as a preorder pick up location on our online shop. We hope to see you all soon at one of the markets this season, until then may your patience bring reward.

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  1. Love your joyful description of Spring and the beauty of growing!

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