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A Slow Start

Here we find find ourselves quite literally in the midst of January. Certainly a mild one as January is concerned. None the less here we are, in a semi hibernation, yet chomping at the bit. Day by day we get closer to more than 10 hours of light, the magic number that allows plants to really grow. With the nurseries not yet fired up and trying to mitigate the amount of subterranean(basement) growing we are doing this year what we have started so far is limited. Escarole, radicchio, lettuces, and some scallions should come out of the germination chamber today or tomorrow. Though these varieties are cold hardy, they have also not experienced cold temps. Going from the germination chamber to the unheated nursery may be too much acclimation for tonight lows. But with favorable temps on the horizon and just one overnight basement stay the starts should be just fine. This will make room for our next round in the germ chamber. More scallions, beets, bok choys and Chinese cabbage are all next on the list. Of course we don’t want any of you to worry. No; we haven’t forgotten anything. The first tomato plantings of 2023 won’t be far off. After all we can only hold out another week or two before having to get the nurseries going, making room for all those lovely plant starts destined for bellies and gardens alike.

Not starting too much too soon can really be a challenge.  As a rule of thumb we always plant more than is needed, to account for the unknown which lies ahead.  But it is all too easy, with the excitement of the new season to over do it.  Yes, we are fairly certain that this will be the case this year,  hopefully to a lesser extent.  Taking the time to really consider what space we have and what will be going there, then planting off this notion, things should be dialed in a bit more.  This will serve us well at least until the pace of the full season sets in and we can embrace a little more reckless abandonment(or the farmer version there of).

Have a great week!

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