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A loaf not to be missed

If you haven’t had any of the delicious baked goods from Sweet Sage Bakery, you have been missing out but we have good news for you. If you have well then we also have some good news. Something that we have been thinking and talking about with Sweet Sage Bakery is selling their bread through our online store. There are a few reasons that we wanted to do this, some selfish(we want the bread), some not(increasing bread sales and sharing it with all of you). The main reason is that the bread is fantastic and it just makes sense. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when ordering bread. First is that pickup day for bread is Friday on the farm in Durham only. Secondly, to accommodate the lead time needed to make delicious bread, orders must be received by Wednesday at noon. We will be offering three breads from Sweet Sage, Rustica(our favorite), Garlic Asiago and French Country. All breads are sourdough based and cooked on a stone hearth in Middlefield(one of our home towns).

In market news we are extremely pleased to report that the first Chester Farmer’s market of year, was a smashing success going off without a hitch(this week). Unfortunately, due to the air quality issues the Durham Farmer’s market was canceled last Thursday but will be back this week at its new location 144 Pickett Lane, the new community center. This Friday the Madison Farmer’s market will not be happening, with the graduating class of 2023 occupying that space instead. That is the only scheduled disruption for the season in Madison. Saturday it’s business as usual in New Haven, with the return of either David, Emily or both(we still need to check).

On the farm itself we continue to make excellent progress despite the challenges that nature and machines present us. We don’t have to describe to anyone the ominous conditions early and mid week. Topped off with Friday lighting and hail storm reminding us who really is in charge. Refrigeration issues are under control with bigger fixes in the works, though tractor problems persist we are confident our local experts will come through. Still we have all our major plantings of the season in the ground. Peppers, eggplant, melons, ginger, turmeric, pole beans and sweet potatoes all went in the ground this past week. We are actually at the point of being able to plant the extras we start just to be safe(a good position to be in). With the last couple of weeks of Spring upon us it really is time to think of the fall, yet keep our heads in the summer. Before we know it the Tomato waterfall will be flowing and there will be few opportunities to come up for air. A blessing of abundance in both the tasks to be done and the bounty of the season and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Have a great week

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