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45 Days And Counting (Breathlessly)

I’m holding my breath till the Inauguration Day because there is so many harmful and dangerous things Trump could do on his way out the door.  Want to hear a list?  Pull troops out of Afghanistan , allowing the Taliban to run back in and seize power.  Sell  23 billion dollars worth of weapons to UAE.  Auction off to the highest bidder, drilling rights in the Alaskan rctic, threatening the existence of indigenous people, wildlife and poisoning the environment.  Ignoring a bailout package for the millions of Americans tragedy swept up in the pandemic with no resources to keep their dwelling, their health and livelihoods.  Turn his back on making any plans to really have a distribution system in place to get the yet to be approved vaccine where it belongs. Or his complete apathy about the plight of those (mostly POC) who are most vulnerable to succumbing to the virus. Did I mention his uncomprehensible assertion that he won the election by a landslide. (Does he live in his own world of his own truths?)  Oh, and lets not forget the plans we’ve been hearing about to pardon Eric and Donald Jr. T, Ivanca , Paul Maniforte and wait ,wait himself (never been done before).  Keep your eyes on this people, this is a guy who never admits he’s wrong and never will surrender.  Ever.  To my mind, Donald J Trump is an existential threat to democracy.  We’re holding up so far, but there’s 45 days to go.   I send my appreciation to those Republicans such as Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger  for having the courage to go against the Trump line. And Attorney General Barr, too, much as I can’t stand anything else that he’s done since assuming office. I’d have to say that Trump knows nothing about good sportsmanship. Nothing.

Segway (never can figure out a graceful way to go from the incomprehensible (Trump) to the comprehensible (great food)

Planted just a few weeks ago, you are looking at carrot plants that are going to hunker down for part of the winter and start regrowing again in earnest after January 29th, when the length of day goes to above 10 hours.  Planting carrots early and being able to harvest early is one of the most favorite things that this farmer loves to do. It amazes me that these tiny little leaves eventually turns into awesome, crunchy carrots!

We have an impressive amount of food available yet for this time of year.  Carrots, for one, won’t get any better than this.  Check out our store .  You’ll find an impressive variety of things.  Schedule for next week in as usual.  The following week, there’ll be one preorder day on Wednesday December 16th.  We’ll be at the last Cityseed Market for the year on December 19th.  Store opens tonight at 7:30PM.

I’ll be sending you a second email for reasons that will be apparent once you read it!  Might not be today, but keep an eye out for it.

People, thank you for helping us make this our most exciting year ever!  Its because of all of you that this is happening.


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