Spring Plants

Sun Golds, the sweetest cherry plant.  Hands down, the most popular tomato that we sell.  Probably do to its incredibly sweet taste, prolific crop and amazing color

Black Cherry. A small savory tomato.  Very productive plant.  Another favorite, especially among those of us who prefer a more sophisticated taste

I refur to this as my Desert Island Tomato because if I was being banished to a desert island and could only bring one tomato, it would be Juliet.  Versitile and incredibly tasty.  Great for both cooking and eating raw.  Makes a great sun dried tomato, too.

Of course the kid is 14 now.  What can you do?  This is Striped German.  The multi color goes all the way through the fruit.  And the different colors are different taste, too.  Kind of like fudge ripple tomato. Less prolific, but a true star in my book.

Cherokee Purple- this tomato is sweet, multi flavored, eye candy, popular, easy to grow and produces well.

Paul Robeson-the Cult Tomato.  Star Light can't seem to ever grow enough of these.  Names after the very famous Paul Robeson(please check him out, if you aren't familiar.  Maybe check out a youtube of him singing. Guaranteed to take all and every single breath away). More flavor than you'll know what to do with.


Green Moldovan- as in Moldovia in Central Europe.  It has the texture of an avocado, but not the taste.  Yes, green and ripe.  It is akin to tropical fruit in flavor.  It makes my eyes roll back into my head.  You'll feel the same way.

Prudens Purple- this is like a loyal collie.  It will always win your heart, and never any regrets.  Its kind of a tomato's tomato.  It was the very first heirloom that I grew . I'll always remember my first bite.  There was this feeling that I've finally arrived (not sure where, but arrived, none the less)

Large, round, smooth fruits are nearly perfect in shape, being a brilliant tangerine color. A super fancy-looking variety that makes a good market tomato; it has an incredible rich and sweet complex flavor that is among the best. This fine heirloom is from Iowa, and has proven to be a favorite for flavor and yield. A good main-season producer.(quote from Baker Creek Seeds)


Compact Genevese Basil- an excellent choice for patio or backdoor growing.  The genevese basil is the number one choice for  chefs.  Pesto, garnishes almost anything.  And you can get a lot of one of these little plants, too.

Italian Flat-leaf Parsley-again, this is what chefs always go for.  Can't beat the texture, flavor or appearance of this beauty.

German Winter Thyme:Good flavor and yield. Classic culinary and ornamental herb.

Majoram:  Aroma is similar to oregano, but sweeter and more balsam-like. Compact plant.

Compact Summer Savory:This selection has the same earthy flavor as standard summer savory without the rangy habit. Plants stay tidy, upright, and are ideal for container


Firecracker:Compact plants produce a mass of bright, 4-6", bicolored flowers that are great in containers. 16-36" long stems.

Dwarf Sunflower:Like our other dwarfs, the final height depends on the size of the container.  These guys are really cute!

Sunny Smile: Which is exactly what this dwarf sunflower will do.