How Does Our CSA Work?

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

     A CSA is a way for you to get the freshest, USDA Certified Organic produce for a predetermined amount of weeks this Spring and Summer.

     A CSA is a way for you to support local farmers by purchasing upfront a share of the upcoming harvest. The farmers put your money to work immediately, all in preparation for the delicious season to come.

     A CSA is a way for you to demonstrate and support your belief in healthy food, local and small businesses, and sustainable agriculture.


How does it work? What do I do?

1. Register online and pay your $200 deposit as soon as possible.

2. Make your remaining payment in full by May 31st.

3. Pick up your weekly array of freshly picked produce on the selected day and location, either-

  • Thursday 3-7pm, Durham Farmers Market on Town Green, Durham, CT or
  • Saturday, 9-1 pm, City Seed Market at Wooster Square in New Haven, CT also
  • Any additional Markets during the season

4. Bring your food home and enjoy!


Is the deposit or amount in full refundable?

Starlight Gardens is dedicated to delivering each CSA member a generous supply of high quality produce each week. We also need you to accept the inherent risks associated with farming and the potential variations in yield that may result. Therefore, no refunds will be provided.


How do I pay?

  • We ask that after you register online, you send in a $200 deposit as soon as possible.
  • Payment is required in full by May 31st.
  • Mail your checks to Starlight Gardens, 54 Fowler Avenue, Durham, CT, 06422. 
  • You may also choose to pay with a credit or debit card. If you wish to pay by debit or credit card, you may call us at (860) 349-0166 to give us the information or set up an appointment to meet. If we key in your numbers over the phone, we ask that you assume the 3.25% fee charged by the card company. If we “swipe” your card in person, we ask that you assume the 2.75% fee charged by the company.

When I go to the farmers market how will pickup work?

  • At the market it will be just like shopping except you will already have a credit for either 40 or 30 dollars depending on your share.
  • Any items requested to be held, will be set aside so just ask.
  • Get there early to ensure the widest selection possible.


Do you provide containers and bags?

No, sorry. As a cost saving measure, we ask that you please bring your own bags. A few large and a few small ones should do the trick.


 When can I pick up my weekly share?

  • Pick up will be at our stand at the farmer's market which you have chosen for your pickup location.
  • With notice pick up at any of the season's markets.


Can we come tour the farm?

  • Call or email us if you would like to come and visit the farm. We will happily give you a tour by appointment.


 What is the best way to contact you if we need something?

  • At the markets feel free to just ask, farmers are a chatty bunch and love to talk. 
  • If you need help or have questions, please call or text us at (860) 463-0166, or send us an email at starlightgardens@comcast.net.


Thank you for your interest in our CSA. We look forward to hearing from you!