CSA Member Agreement

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

     A CSA is a way for you to get the freshest, USDA Certified Organic produce for a predetremined amount of time this Spring and Summer.

     A CSA is a way for you to support local farmers by purchasing upfront a share of the upcoming harvest. The farmers put your money to work immediately, all in preparation for the delicious season to come.

     A CSA is a way for you to demonstrate and support your belief in healthy food, local and small businesses, and sustainable agriculture.


  • Register online and pay your $200 deposit as soon as possible.
  • Make your remaining payment in full by May 31st.

 By joining this CSA, what am I agreeing to?

Starlight Gardens is dedicated to delivering each CSA member a generous supply of high quality produce each week. We also need you to accept the inherent risks associated with farming and the potential variations in yield that may result. Therefore, no refunds will be provided.