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Visualizing Greatness

Posted 4/28/2015 4:43am by David Zemelsky.


Let's count the weeks till the CSA begins, shall we?  I get 6 weeks till the first Share Day-June 3rd.  We're counting on being quite ready. If you are thinking about CSA, there are still some slots available.  Write me with any questions, I'll get back to you right away.  Our opening offering will be (subject to the whims of nature), salad greens, haukeri turnips, swiss chard, braising greens and an herb plant that you can use in a patio pot or put in the gardens.  We fret about being ready.  It is not unlike Opening Night at the theatre.  I need to emphasize to you that with farming- things can change on a dime.  But, we're optimistic.  Here is a picture of some of our growing space.  You can tell from looking at it, why we're so optimistic.  It is a beautiful sight.

These rows were hooked with our sub soiler. Then we put the rotary harrow on it.  Somewhat like a rototiller, but better.  It doesn't invert the soil, just stirs it up.  After that, we load compost in our manure spreader (no manure is used at slg).  we've made this spreader a hybrid.  Instead of flinging the material everywhere, we've managed to get the spreader to drop compost in a nice even row.  You have no idea how much better this is than what we did before!  I won't bore you with the details, but imagine digging a 4 foot hole with a grapefruit spoon.  Get the idea?

Things that happened this week.  More tomatoes planted in the heated greenhouse (we only have one house that we heat).  Planted arugula, spring raab, pak choi, haukeri turnips, lettuce, mizuna, red russian kale-to name but a few.

Onto our Friday's store.  Read the list below.  If you see something that interest you, write me back with an order. Deadline is noon on Friday.  Pick up your order at our shed at 54 Fowler Ave.  Its self service, so try to bring exact change. Cash preferred, but checks are ok.  Once in a while, I miss someone's email and that person shows up at the shed and is disappointed.  Let's make this simple-you write to me and I write back to acknowledge that I've seen your email.  If I don't write back-let me know. I don't mind.

Let's talk about Mother's Day Strawberries first.  Here's a picture of a few of them.

See all the blossoms?  These beauties will produce strawberries all season.  Bring them into a protective place and they're off and running next season.  Also, I guarantee that this will make the very best Mother's Day present that the recipient has ever ever received. Wow! Can't beat that.You can pick them up any Friday before Mother's Day, but the final Friday(May 8th) is your last chance to get them before that revered holiday.  $25/pot

Malabar Spinach-in 8" pots.  An unusual green with a great taste and appearance.  They will grow and grow and give great taste satisfaction.  $16/pot

Sweet Pepper Plants in a pot-specialized variety that produces numerous peppers but is easily grown in a small pot.  Pick peppers off your own plant. $18

Basil, Sage, Chives, Parsley Herbs-all certified organic and ready to go into patio pots or transplanted to the garden. $5/pot

Spinach- glorious first cut Tyee variety. $6/ 6oz. bag


Red Russian Kale- robust, satisfying and all around great for you.  Lightly cooked or raw, either way a true winner $6/for a 6oz. bag

Braising Greens-with spicy mustard, kale, pak choi, spinach.  Heavenly flavor. $6/half pound bag

Yu Choi-kind of a cross between chinese cabbage and pak choi.  Light green, long leaves that are great in salad, stir fries and just wilted $6/ for a 6 oz. bag

Spring Salad Mix-with claytonia, kale, mizuna, 8 different kinds of lettuce and yu choi $7/ 6oz. bag

Tomato Plants- yes, its too early to put them into the ground, but not to early to get your own and have them keep growing at your house. $5/plant.  Discount for multiple plants(10 or more)-inquire.  Our tomato plants consistently are the best.  I'm not bragging , just reporting.  So many customers tell me how happy they are with our tomato plants. Here's a partial list:

Juliet-the one that I'd take to a desert island.  Great to cook, dry or eat in a salad. Exceptionally sweet taste.  You'll want a lot of these.  And a great producer, too.

Paul Robeson-this is a Black Russian variety, and named after the incredibly talented singer/actor(and a favorite of mine-check him out on Youtube).  There is almost a cult following about this variety.  Its texture, flavor and finish (like a great wine) is memorable.  You'll be rolling your eyes.

SunGold- an orange cherry tomato that would be impossible to eat just one.  Saying that its "sweet" doesn't even come close to the taste of these guys.  People come up to me in the Winter, almost weeping over the Summer memory of sungolds.  For me, it isn't Summer without them.

Pruden's Purple- they aren't really purple, but they also aren't really red either.  An heirloom variety like this deserves to be looked at closely.  When we started growing heirlooms, Prudens was the first eating experience for me.  The difference between it and "normal" tomatoes will never be forgotten.  It's a great producer, with big fruit.

Cherokee Purple-heirloom, too.  Very popular and for good reason; taste, appearance and productive. 

I should mention that all of our choices are easy to grow and productive.  Some heirloom varieties are wonderful to eat, but only produce a few fruits for each plant.  Not these.  You'll be overun with tomatoes.

Let me know your wishes by noon on Friday.  Distribution at our shed (54 Fowler Ave.) after 3pm. Cash preferred, checks ok.  And , if I didn't write back to acknowledge your order, contact me-by phone if necessary. 860 463 0166.  Thank you.

Open House Reminder : May 17.  Exact time , not sure, but probably early afternoon

A new CSA member sent a little note with their check a while ago.  It said "We're hungry!"  I know the feeling.  So stay well, and buy your food from the outside of the supermarket aisle-that's where all the whole food is.  Learned that from Michael Poulin.