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The World of Fall

Posted 11/3/2016 2:20pm by David Zemelsky.

I am going to ask you to imagine how beautiful our new greens that we're growing in the hoop house look.  You need to imagine because the photo that I took of it , as wonderful as it is- I couldn't import into the right place so that you could see it.  There are lots of boring reasons about this-won't bore you, too.  In any case, we've planted over the past few weeks, lots of spinach, lettuce heads, turnips and big kale.  All of it is happy beyond belief and some of it is ready for you right now.  Also, what I can't show you is a picture of me on top of Mt Mononack in NH that was taken yesterday.  I snuck  off with our daughter Rye for the day.  Both of us played hoockey.  She from where she teaches and me from the farm.  I wanted you to know that life for a farmer does consist of more than just  work.  So maybe by next time, I'll have figured out how to make the computer work properly.

Everything hoop house has been planted except for a small 96' by 10' section that will be used for experimental winter production, including mache, minutina and late late lettuce.  The first two are very interesting hearty Winter greens that you'll be sure to enjoy, if I can grow them properly. 

Outside, we just started planting garlic.  The promises of another seasons worth is in every clove that goes in the ground.  Today, we only planted 250 cloves because I wanted to do something different in the planting and didn't have the right stuff.  According to one of my favorite growing books, garlic will benefit from soaking in denatured alcohol for a few minutes in order to kill any mites that would be crawling on the cloves.  So that will happen next week.  But I thought it would be worth trying a row without the treatment to observe and compare.  I'll report about that next Summer.  Remind me, if I forget.

Store will be open in week.  Same ideas as last week. Bring exact change or a check (if you must) and send me orders by 8AM tomorrow November 4th.  Everything will be ready at 2pm tomorrow.The list is largely unchanged except I've added tokyo bekana, and extraordinary chinese cabbage.  Here's the list:

this week,  we’ve got
red kitten spinach $6/bag
salad $6/bag
arugula $6/bag
pak choi $4/bunch
hakeuri turnips $4/bunch. I LOVE hakeur! Eat them like a radish raw or roast.
potatoes $5/lb
carrots  $6/lb
ginger $10/lb(you can do 1/4lb increments)
tumeric $16/lb(you can do 1/4lb increments)
thyme $4 /bunch
sage $4/bunch
peppers $3/lb
pea tendrils $6/bag
baby kale $6/bag
big kale$4/bunch
green tomatoes $2/lb.

maybe more red tomatoes-put it down and we’ll see where it goes $3/lb
tokyo bekana NEW!- that really nice chinese cabbage, crunchy, light green $6/bag
italian and rainbow chard  $4/bunch

i’d say that everything is top top with the exception of peppers.  they are good, but not spectacular.  i’d have to say that everything else sits in the spectacular category.  not bragging, just reporting.