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Thank You And Thank You

Posted 6/1/2020 5:32am by David Zemelsky.


Your generosity in regards to the strawberry raffle was awesome!  Thank you for opening up your hearts and wallets to help create a success.  All and all, we were able to send to ULA (Unidad Latino en  Accion) over $700.  This outpouring of support for individuals and families of Latino descent, who are the essential workers make it possible for all of us to have food, healthcare and  many other things.  The world of gratitude thanks you.

Real food raised me out of a funk this week.  I'm still puzzling over how amazing this was.  It started Saturday after finishing my day of work.  For one thing, it had been hot and I felt fried.  Earlier, all but four of the commercially bought grafted tomatoes were now in the ground.  The deal with grafted tomatoes is that if you plant them too deep, you'll lose the benefit of them being grafted at all.  A tomato plant is capable of putting out roots anywhere along its stem.  If the plant is placed in a hole in the soil below the graft, then the root system might have roots that come from the part of the live plant that you just want to grow up, not down.  The main point is that one needs to pay attention to plant them at the right depth.  It takes concentration and a lot of energy.  So by the time I was done, I felt wiped.  And a bit sad.  Why? I couldn't really tell you.  But when ever sad comes along, I usually go with the feeling and don't fight it.  Instead, I went for a great bike ride and created some energy from the exercise.  Upon returning, grabbed two bowls and went to the farm to see what I could create for dinner.  In very short order , I had several beets, some carrots, garlic scapes (more on them later), a red onion and snow peas.  Upon getting to the kitchen, a big pot of brown rice was put on the stove.  The vegetables (except the snow peas), got put in a bowl and tossed with olive oil and salt.  After that onto a cookie sheet and into a 425 degree oven for 11 minutes.  The snow peas got tossed in the wok and were also ready within 2 minutes.  The experience of consuming this meal just made me whole again.  Don't know where the sad went and didn't see any reason to ask further.  This little story really tells me that real food can work for you in ways that might surprise you.  Just saying...

Ok.  Store opening at 8AM.  Lots of good things.  Some in decent amounts, too.  Yes, some things are going to sell out, just like last week. If something is sold out when you first look, try coming back to the store later in the week because there might be more then. Consider garlic scapes, your second piece of the garlic treasure march in front of us.  Young tender and so full of flavor!  Chop them up and sauté or just put in your salad dressing.  Only happiness there.  Only.

We're still offering delivery for $10 by Susie's Smart Shop.  We're just passing the price along from Susie.  Not charging you a surcharge on her services.  She'll do  Middletown and down to the shore near New Haven.  East Haddam, too.  If you're interested, and not sure if she'll do your town, give me a call.

Also, consider pea tendrils.  There's still several weeks left  to their season.  One can make just as good if not better a pesto using pea tendrils.  And while we're drooling over peas, there'll be snow peas (see story above) this week.  The supply is ok, but pretty sure they'll sell out quickly. 

I recommend reading  over housekeeping from last week to make sure that you are ordering effectively.  I will say, no confirmation email after you ordered means that the order didn't go thru.  Maybe try again.  Call, if you get frustrated or confused.  I'll answer.

Everyone please stay smart and safe.  This pandemic is still with us.  I know we're all tired but all this relaxing of protocals  might prove to be a misstep.  I hope not.  My gold standard is Dr. Fauci.  If he saids that its ok, then I'm good with it.

Until next time, have a great week

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