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Sungolds On My Shoulder Make Me Happy

Posted 8/11/2010 9:49pm by Ty Zemelsky.

Sungolds on my shoulder make me happy...
Didn't John Denver write that?
That sums up our attitude towards sungolds these days.  Sungolds?  Pretty little cherry tomatoes, the color of orange.  When they first began to ripen , there were 2 or 3.  Then 10.  After that 100.  Can't keep track of how many there are now.  The important thing to know about sungolds, is that they are all about the sugar.  The other thing that is important to know about sungolds is that everyone wants them.  The last thing you need to know about sungolds is that they are terribly distracting.  When we first started growing them, it was only in one house.  That would mean that if I was working on the far side of the farm, I would have to walk a long ways to get to them.  Like all farmers,  I always look for ways to save time and energy.  So the next year, we planted sungolds in every High Tunnel.  That way, when the spirit moved me, I wasn't too far away from one of these lumps of sugar with orange skin.

The biggest news around here is that we are hosting a Chef to Farm Dinner, created by Executive Chef Scott Miller from Max Oyster Bar in West Hartford.  The event will take place on August 29th at 6PM.  The theme of this dinner is organic products only, with a heavy emphasis on vegetables from Star Light Gardens.  Scott is extremely creative and will undoubtedly utilize  our vegetables in amazing ways.  Please go to Maxdiningcard.com for  more details, and ticket information.  These dinners are a fine example of the collaboration that can take place between chefs and farms.  We really hope to see you there.