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Spring-- everythings growing like crazy!

Posted 4/7/2010 1:47pm by Ty Zemelsky.

March 30, 2010

Not to put too fine a point on it, but-we’re having a great spring.  There are a number of reasons to be feeling this way.  Top on our list though is the great early Spring spinach that we’ve been selling both at Farmer’s Markets and to our restaurants. These greens were planted in late fall , spending most of the winter barely growing at all.  With the relentless return of stronger and longer light, they began to grow, starting at the end of January.  In addition to the spinach,  there have been plantings of mizuna, hot spicey mustard , kale and arugula started in mid february.  These plantings are now ready for harvest.  Additionally, outside we’ve benefited from our low tunnel system.(see our blog 2/11/10 for details).  These low tunnels are now full of early chard, beets, carrots.  They should be ready for harvest in 3-4 weeks.  The young baby lettuces have begun to be harvested.  They are a welcome addition to our salad mix, both in flavor and bright vibrant red color. Before the big rains came, we were able to get a first planting of the bordeaux spinach outside.  This would be pretty early for us to have planted outside at this date.

In the nursery, there are thousands of baby tomato plants, basils, parsley , chives, peppers. Lots of these plants will be going to the early May Farmers Market so that many of you will be able to grow some of the same plants that we are growing at  Star Light Gardens.  Notable tomato plants that we would recommend are Sun Golds,Green Zebra Paul Robeson, Juliets,  Cherokee Purple and Wapsipinnicon.  In addition to the Farmer’s Markets, they will also be available at our farmstand at 54 Fowler Ave./Durham, CT  starting in early May.

We are on the eve of our first tomato planting in the greenhouse.  This has always been an exciting time for us.  Once these plants go in the ground,  they will be an intregal part of our daily lives untill late September.  If you count the planting date, which is Feb 10. , that would mean that we will have had a relationship with these plants for over 7 months!

Right now we have wonderful greens available. First, there are salad greens.  In the mix you can find beet greens claytonia, red oakleaf lettuce, green oakleaf lettuce, rouge d'hiver, spinach, red russian kale.
Also, available now are two different kinds of spinach: samish and 7 green.  Both varieties are full of sweet flavor and texture. On the near horizon, we will be able to harvest pea tendrils and arugula.   Come visit us at CitySeed at Wooster Square , Fairfield Farmer's Market at the Fairfield Theatre Company and the Litchfield FarmersMarket.

Our farmstand will be open soon with many tomatoe plants, herbs and peppers.