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Now There Are Six!

Posted 2/12/2015 6:45pm by David Zemelsky.

Dear Friends of Locally Grown Food,

Six? Yes, our sixth grandchild was born early this morning.  Everyone is doing great. And we're so excited.  With six of them around, there should be one who'll keep the farm running for all of you well into the future!

We're getting ready to move the bulk of our growing "starts" out to the nursery.  There's a big leap that a plant will take once it goes from grow light to natural light.  Without a little tenderness, a plant can go spiraling out of control and die.  Our first order of business is to harden off a lot of spinach plants.  We'll keep them at a temperature of not less than 50 degrees for a few days and then allow them to go down to 40 degrees after that.  Once they've experienced cold that way, we'll be able to plant them out in the hoop houses.  They are gorgeous and healthy right now, so I'm hoping that the transition goes smoothly.

We've got about 800 tomato plants growing, too.  Half of them are what we call rootstock.  We graft an interesting flavor of tomato onto the rootstock, which enables the plant to withstand many common tomato diseases.  And beside that, they'll grow a very vigorous plant that is capable of doubling the production of a normal plant.  Pretty cool, right?

The CSA is filling up nicely, but there is still more room for now.  If you'd like more information about why we think that this is the best way to get great food at a reasonable price-write back.  I love to respond.  And also, love to answer any questions.

Tomorrow, we're offering for you the following:

Salad Greens with kale (mostly, and so sweet) , some spinach, claytonia $6/ for a 6oz. bag

Spinach- $6/bag

French Fingerling Potatoes -$5/bag

Sun dried Tomatoes-these are Juliets.  Once you've put water to them, they are better than anything you'd get fresh at Stop n' Shop today (but nothing beats a fresh locally grown tomato) $5/oz

Farmer Dave's Tomato Sauce- $11/jar.  Ok, these are getting serious attention now in the world of foodies.  Texture, flavor, goodness-its got them all

If you'd like any of the above things, email me back before 11am tomorrow(Friday).  Your order, with your name on it will be waiting for you in our shed to the left of our house at 54 Fowler Ave after 3pm.(not 2pm)  Cash is best, but will take a check if you don't have exact.

Thank you, one and all for letting us tell our story.

Ty and David Zemelsky