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Join our CSA and Celebrating the First Day of Spring

Posted 3/21/2012 11:22am by Ty Zemelsky.

To celebrate  the first day of Spring , we were delighted to host a Ct Nofa workshop for new growers. David taught folks about growing in hoop houses and small tunnels in the off season.  John Bartok, perhaps the foremost greenhouse design expert in  the region, shared some of his knowlege as to designing and building high tunnels and greenhouses. There were more than 50 eager participants-- some seasoned growers, some back yard gardeners and lots of brand new hopeful farmers.

Ct Nofa workshop

Just as things were getting started, a surprise visitor arrived-- Commission of Agriculture Steve Reviczky.  After chatting with him I learned that he has always been connected to farming in one form or another and is very much a voice for the continuing and new growth of farming in the state. He was  surprised to learn how much produce we grow on a relatively small piece of land. And indeed looking around Star Light Gardens, one can imagine seeing small bits of growing all over our state-- gardens ,farms and even growing on bits of free space and /or municipal lands.Ct Ag Commission Steve Reviczky

Later in the day a local teacher brought a couple of middle school students for their own small workshop. They were so enthusiastic and helpful. They jumped right into a bed of greens and started weeding. When they wanted a break they just reached over to the next bed and pulled a couple of brand new sweet baby carrots.  These carrots were planted in mid November and wintered over as tiny plants.

Meanwhile when we are not hosting throngs of people, things are working up to a dull roar  around here. All the high tunnels are bursting with greens partly due to the warm spring after the pracitically nonexistent winter. 

 march 2012

The low tunnels that protected young plants in the field all winter are also yielding lots of food. So we're are off to a great start of the main season. That is a good thing because the announcement of our new CSA has been met with much enthusiasm. There is still room for more members so check it out right here on this site.

It won't be long before the greens  all move out to the fields and the hoophpouses are turned over to the 2012 tomato jungles. To that end,this time of year has become defined with starting and  grafting tomato plants. We will feature graftingi n a blog soon, but  it  is well underway and in a few weeks the first cycle of heirlooms will be planted in the first hoophouse. These tomatoes give us a jump on tomato season and  when they appear at our farmers markets there is practically a stampede for them. Not to mention the chefs fighting over who gets them first.  Just kidding everybody-- in reality everyone is eager, but polite !

Happy Spring !

March 21, 2012