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Hard Rain's A Going To Fall

Posted 6/8/2020 7:14pm by David Zemelsky.


These are times when it seems to me that bringing our awareness of how power is trying to run our world.  As avid consumers of real food, please consider how systematic racism has driven the agricultural business into making whole segments of our population into expedient commodities.  At this point, if a worker (often of Latino or Black descent) does not feel safe going back to work in the fields or a meat packing plant, they'll loose the job and then not be able to collect unemployment benefits.  What would I do, if face with this delemma? Not sure, but it is unconscionable choice that no one  should have to make.  Thru this all, I am blown away by how involved the younger people have embraced the need to rid our world of racism, once and for all, with an energy that simply is awesome.  The vigil in memory of George Floyd was essentially created and executed by young people.  I know that perhaps hearing things like this in your weekly newsletter about salad, carrots seems out of place.  But it isn't.  Our food system, both the larger ones and smaller ones (like ours) needs to always be done in a way that is respectful of the needs of all people, regards of race, color and sexual preference.

I'm going to have to figure out a reasonable way to wait for the tomatoes to come in.  Well, actually we've seen a few pints of sungolds, so it can't be too long.  Thought you'd like to see what the plants look like as of this AM.  We've been foliar spraying them with a seaweed, fish emulsion which will absolutely put a boast in their already amazing taste.  I believe there are a few pints offered this week.  By the way, if you see that a product is sold out, you can check back in a few days because they may become available again.  All plants have been reduced to $3 each.  So if you've not yet bought tomatoes, herbs and others, this would be a good time.

Have a great week.  Remember, when you buy thru the store, you need an email confirmation.  If you don't get one try again.  Without the confirmation, it isn't yet a sale.

Namaste everyone,