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Posted 10/18/2020 12:58pm by David Zemelsky.

Remember, store opens now on Sunday at 7:30!  We think that will help those of you who's schedule keeps you away from the store when it opened on Monday at 8AM. Makes sense.

BIG frost last night.  This only means sweeter carrots, salad, kale and our other greens.  Its what the plant does when its cold.  It saids to itself ,"Holy whatever-I'm going to die.  There must be something  I can do to stop this"! And the simple answer is that there is.  Whenever a plant gets threatened, it puts out more carbohydrates in an effort to lower its freezing point.  And yes, when you see the word "carbohydrates", you should think sugar because that's exactly what it is-sugar.  And that's where the sweet comes from.  Carrots, at this time of the year are only sweeter when they're dug up from snowy places in December/January.  The carbohydrate loading there is even sweeter.

While we're talking about carrots, here's a glimpse of how we can deliver you carrots by Mother's Day 2021.  We've got a simple chart that we follow that I'll tell you about shortly.  We plant carrots sometime in mid-November.  They'll germinate before the end of the year or shortly thereafter.   After that, we  carefully weed them and care for them over the next 5-6 months.  Last years crop was so well maintained that I was almost reluctant to spoil them by harvesting them (just kidding!).  So all winter, they don't look like too much, just tiny cotyledons with no true leaves until the length of the day gets long enough to recommence photosynthesis.  The schedule is important.  If you plant too early, the carrot will immediately go to seed as Spring comes on.  You find the date (usually the very end of January) when the length of day gets longer than 10 hours.  From there, you count 12 weeks earlier on the calendar.  That's somewhere in mid-November.  That's your date.  Plant then.  Seeds are so incredibly smart.  They know when things happen and respond to the length of day.  If you're looking for a humbling experience, then all you really need to do is contemplate how utter smart this tiny thing is.  Its as if it has a brain of its own.

Therefore, you should feel that all the greens and pak choi and radishes that you get now will be extra sweet with the colder weather.

David Attenborough, the iconic film maker recently stated that he gives the planet 80 more years. 80 more years?! Its such a startling revelation.  And I'm quite sure that he didn't make that comment lightly, either.  When I contemplate the direction we're going, my hope is that we mobilize as a race to protect and help sustain the planet.  Truly. 

Remember though- for those of us who believe that the President represents an existential threat to our planet (as I do), that even if he leaves office tomorrow (a whole other conversation!), our planet is still dying and in need of dire help.  

I can't pretend to know the right course of action here.  I'm participating in postcard campaigns, taking care of my own health as best I can, urging everyone to vote (that'd be all of us!), signing petitions and trying to be as light as I can on the planet.  Pretty mild stuff.  Wish my own actions were heavier.  But I believe that if all of us mobilizes in some way to help make the planet kinder and more about  our collective good, that the world will be better for it.  AND, it wouldn't hurt if Dems won back both the Senate and the Presidency!  Not that I think that Dems have all the answers.  The party, needs to be pushed to action way beyond its now normal comfort range.  Just as Bidden has liberalized his platform (not socialized, as the Fox people would have you believe), we need to see the Dems take the bold and courageous approach of actually making sure that every citizen's needs for decent housing,water, wages and education (to name but a few) is met.

The biggest take away that I want you to have is to make sure that you know what's happening and vote (but not often!).

I hope you find what you want at the online store.  I know that it can be frustrating sometimes to see your favorite item "sold out".  But remember to check back in a few days to see if the item comes back.  We're determined to make sure that if its on the list, then we have it in stock.  That can make us a bit cautious at times. Once we see that we might have more of an item, we'll reopen it on the online store.  Maybe a tad awkward, baut it gets the job done.

Be safe. Wear your mask in public places and lets all help keep our numbers down!