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Electoral College And Blatant Racism

Posted 10/24/2020 3:17pm by David Zemelsky.

Dear Kind Souls,

In very recent times, two candidates for President won the popular vote but lost their bid for the presidency.  Al Gore in 2000 received 500,000 more votes and in 2016, Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes.  Whatever happened to one man/(or woman)one vote?  The answer lies in the Electoral College-a complicated system that I'll say up front, do not fully understand.

What I do understand, though, is that this is, like so many other parts of our system a flawed and racist establishment, who's main goal is to suppressed the votes of people of color (POC).  When our founding fathers were busy both working out that "all men are created equal", they were also figuring out a way for the South to increase the number of people that would help establish the number of representatives to send to Congress.  They did this by counting 3 out of every 5 slaves, even though this population weren't allowed to vote (among everything else they weren't allowed to do).   Never mind the fact that woman would have to wait even longer to be able to vote.

After the Civil War, the South still adamantly held on to this system and further disenfranchised POC by counting the bodies of African Americans for the purpose of representation but doing everything they could think of to keep them away from the voting booths.  This, of course included, lynchings, poll taxes, intimidation by the Klu Klux Klan to name but of few of the heinous things that happened.

And even later still,1969, there was a strong bipartisan move to abolish the Electoral College.  It overwhelmingly passed the House, but ended up dying thru filibuster in the Senate.  The Electoral College does not further democracy- it only ties its hands.  My hope is that a new administration will find a way to change this system.

It overwhelms me at times, how much of our origins as a country as seeped in a puzzling and two faced picture, where by it looks like we're advocating for equity in our society, but in reality its just an elaborate illusion meant to preserve power for white men.  Strong words, perhaps, but is there any doubt in your minds that when Trump saids "Keep America Great", that one needs to say ,"Great?   Really?  For whom?"

Which is a good segway to our new catepillar tunnels, (well not really a segway, but I needed to change subjects!) that arrived in hundreds of pieces this week.  There's going to be two tunnels, each 15' x 100'.  This translates to an increase in tilled soil under plastic by as much as a standard sized tunnel (3000 square feet).  We"ll be putting them up shortly and sharing pictures hopefully as we go.  This means that we're going to have more great greens and more carrots from the Carrot Scientist.  Maybe less "sold out" at the store.

Its kind of a kit.  Or maybe a bit like a lego set.  In any case, this is our tunnel all laid out on the ground, ready to be made into a hoop house.

Meanwhile, we're growing serious greens, both for cooking and salad that you can still get right thru the end of 2020.  Remember that you can pre order from our online store starting at 7:30PM this Sunday.  Pick up days are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at the Farm Shed or at the Madison Market on Friday from 3-6pm or at Cityseed in New Haven from 9-1pm.

Just as a shout out, if any of you are acquainted with a good and reasonably priced company that creates websites, which would include an online store, please let us know.  Thank you.

And as Joel so well articulated a few weeks ago, we (meaning Joel, Jen and myself) are gratiful that you put some of your food trust in us.  It means everything to us.

Here's to a great week and Namaste