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Bertha Redux and African American Spirituals

Posted 8/30/2020 11:22am by David Zemelsky.

I was seriously called to task by one of my kids (the youngest, by the way) this week on naming the new dehydrator "Bertha".  She was totally right, of course.  The connotation of the name is about big, as in big and round, as in fat.  We can't with a good open heart go around making fun of something because of its size and likewise for people.  Therefore, in honor of Kamela Harris and the proposterous and erroneous  supposition made by the President that she's not a US citizen- lets indeed call the new machine "Berther".  I like it.  By the way, the attempt to discredit Senator Harris for me indicates how full of panic the President and his election team are at this  point. Its a grasp at straws, and a weak one at that.  I think that only effective Russian interference in the election will safe his presidency.  Anyone disagree? Love to hear from you.

Like a lot of white people, the past few months has been like going to school for me.  I read books, watch videos (James Baldwin debating William Buckley. Look it up on Youtube.) and have long conversations with anyone who'll listen to me.  I'm sure, in some way, its got to be laughable, such ardent attempts at getting somewhere about Anti Racism because there's so many of these well wishing White folks doing this.  Honestly, I thought that I was as aware as a person could be.  But something happened that humbled me and helped me to realize that my work on racism has far far to go. Far.  I was listening to spirituals and suddenly the world felt like it cracked open.  These songs were about how much better and glorious it was going to be when they died.  So right in my face.  Consider; "when the saints come marching in. oh lord i want to be in that number."  And "and when the new world is revealed"  and also "if you get to heaven before i do, (coming for to carry me home). Tell all my friends that I'm a coming to.  (Coming for to carry me home)" And then back to the Saints."Some say this world of sorrow is the only world we need, but we'll all be reunited on a new and sunlit shore". 

It's all about death. And oh how I missed that message for decades.  And that missing of clear facts that are right in front of me is exactly the important message.  See it, hear it and make sense of it.   The world of slavery, they're saying, is so beyond being able to be endured, that death is the best alternative.  For those of you who've read "Beloved" by Toni Morrison and read in horror , realizing that the mother loved her baby so much that she'd rather kill her than subject her to the utter misery and terror of being owned by another.  I can only imagine as best I can what she was so desperately feeling.  Its hard, but I'm trying to walk in her shoes.  And that's about empathy, when something utterly unexceptable happens not just to the person but to all of us.

On the farm, I'd like to say that if you haven't had any heirlooms yet, please consider buying them now and in the next few weeks.  Its not like we're going to run out, but clearly I can see that the tomato engine has reached its highest output and we'll be seeing less from here on out.  Again, we're not done, but you'll have a hard time eating our heirloom tomatoes in February. (Unless you get some of our sun dried.  We won't be selling them till much later).

Another great item to consider this week is our mixed field greens.  With the cooler nighttime temperatures, the lettuce is thriving and extremely sweet.

Farmer's Markets have been just wonderful.  I can tell that people are socializing as best they can and trying to abide by the social distancing rules.  Durham Market is such a beautiful place to go.  While it use to be surrounded by mature sugar maples, not there are younger trees that will promise shade for the next generation.  OK. Durham on Thursday 3-6:30/Madison Friday 3-  6 and Cityseed-New Haven (Cityseed.org) Saturday 9AM-1PM.

And to be frankly a little boring, will remind you that when you put in an order, we only will see it if you get a confirmation email back.

Pre Orders get picked up on Wednesday and Friday after 2pm and after 3pm on Saturday.

We Star Lighters appreciate each and every one of you for thinking of us as an important way for you to get real food.  Thank you.