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Posted 8/16/2020 8:25pm by David Zemelsky.

I hope that you felt today's rain as such a welcome, today.  Its been so long that its been so dry.  And for those of you upset about their dried up lawns (not me), perhaps this rain could be seen as a sorely welcomed guest.  I've got more to say about water, later.

This week, I went up to the land of camouflage to buy a very large dehydrator.  The land of camouflage would be Cabela's.  This store is way out of my comfort range in so many ways.  For one thing, they have statues of "game" everywhere.  Perhaps, they are motivating customers to buy guns, so that they can have their own tiger, moose, elephant, and lone wolves stuffed and mounted in their own house.  I don't really know for sure.  They are well done replicas.  I'll give them that.   The camouflage section, which is as big as 3 tennis courts has so many ways to make yourself disappear.  There are hats, shirts, pants, underwear, socks, rifle holders,knapsacks, baby clothes, baby carriers to name a few.  It all hits home to me-these aren't my people.  Where are the enthusiastic heirloom tomato lovers, the person looking for that bunch of kale that is so big that one might mistake it for a bouquet.  Or how about just a plain beautiful flower bouquet?  Where are the people wanting good wholesome food?  Well, for sure, and to be fair, maybe some of those people might be inclined to buy local vegetables.  Its just that the whole place is just so so Trumpy.  This might be unfair to say, but am pretty sure that its accurate that the majority of the customers are Trump supporters.  Some of you will readily agree with this and others of you might be offended.  My hope is that if you feel something, write back.  I'd be very happy to engage in a conversation with you.

Ok. So back to Bertha.  This dehydrator is higher than my mid section.  Its big.  Hence, the name Bertha.  Bertha, by the way has two meanings.  There's a golf club that's called a "Big Bertha" and there was also a major tank that the German Army used in WW2.  I just took one look at it and knew its name was "Bertha".  Not to be confused with "Berther", a phrase that the President has started using to convince voters that Kamela Harris isn't a US citizen.  I''m sorry that I keep swinging back to politics.  I'd be inclined to say that I can't help it, but that really wouldn't be true.  Where I think I'm going is that any where that you turn, there's a political slant these days.

Moving on.

Yesterday, I sliced up "seconds".  These are heirlooms that are wonderful and delicious, but aren't so pretty.  They might have one bad spot on it, for example.  After slicing them, the tomatoes are spread out on the trays that go with Bertha.  After putting trays and trays in Bertha's front, I turned the machine on.  In the morning, there were amazing sun-dried tomatoes (well, not really sun-dried, but we're calling them that).

Top photo is Bertha before being extracted from the box.  The beautiful looking tomatoes in the second photo,where from our first batch!

Before going on, a quick and probably a repetitive reminder: If you're pre order does not send you back an email, then its not yet an order.  Try again.  If that doesn't work, call.  For the most part, our system works.  I believe in it.

This week in the store, there's an opportunity to show support for undocumented immigrants by donating $5 to ULA (Unitad Latina en Acción). ULA mission is to help the undocumented where ever they can.  As we all know, many of the undocumented are doing essential jobs to help keep our system going but have not benefited from the relief that the government has been providing to US citizens.  For every dollar that you donate, Star Light will match, dollar for dollar.  Please consider.  If you are a CSA member and wish to contribute, simply make two orders and utilize the paypal/credit card way of buying things. In otherwords, we aren't able to use some of your CSA balance to make a donation.

I am going to leave you with some thoughts on water.  Specifically the colonization of water.  I see water being treated (no pun intended) like all precious things in this world-the upper class  gets the very best.  Its a situation throughout the world.  But we only have to go as far as Flint, MI.  Many of you already know this, but will quickly review for those that don't  In order to save money, the city of Flint began using water from the Flint River for the public water supply.  Immediately, people started noticing dark, brown water coming out of the tap.  Officials lied about what was going on.  Many went to jail, actually.  They failed to add corrosion inhibitors to the water which caused a release of lead from antiquated pipes in the municipal system, exposing over 100,000 residents (mostly people of color) to an unhealthy level of lead.  I'm sure they wouldn't try that in Greenwich.

I hope that you all have a great week.  Please remember to pay close attention to what is going on.  Our collective welfare depends on all of us watching out for each other.