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Posted 5/24/2020 8:56pm by David Zemelsky.


BC? AC?  Simply Before Covid and After Covid.  Now, as the Governor said,"Everything is upside down.  If you love your grandparents you WON'T give them hugs."  I can't figure it all out.  But there are two things that are very clear to me.

First off, to me the Supply Chain that they talk about every day is vulnerable.  Is it going to collapse?  I certainly don't know.  And I hope not.  It does point out to me the absolute value in strengthening are local food chain.  All of you who are buying real local food are helping to build this system for now and hopefully for the future.  Is there hope that our local area could create a food supply that could reduce our dependence on Industrial Meat,Vegetables, Dairy etc? Again, I don't really know but hope that its true.  This movement to create more locally grown food has been on the forefront of  the minds of owners of most small sustainably growing farms like Star Light since Day One.  So yes, please keep buying from us and other favorite farmers of yours and at the same time be aware that you a part of a bigger whole that could change the way that we bring food into our homes.

Second, is something that has already been written about here.  Undocumented Immigrants, here and in all other states are unable to benefit from the stimulus packages created by Congress that U.S. citizens currently have.  And yet, in this world of Essential Workers, this segment of the population has been a huge percentage of this segment of the work force.  This would definitely  include meat packing plants, garbage collecting and many other essential jobs.  And, as widely reported by both the Washington Post and The New York Times,  the undocumented  are vastly more likely to have contracted Covid-19.  The disturbing truth is that  these people are being looked at as disposable by big business.  To me, this is just a simply case of doing the right and just thing. 

With that in mind, I am proposing one more raffle (there'll be more) to help benefit this population of people, living among us, but not treated with the same respect as everyone else.  This time the prize will be the first container of strawberries.  Yes, strawberries!  I can absolutely guarantee you that these berries are so sweet that you'll  do exactly what happens when you try one of our tomatoes.  You'll jump up in the air with delight. Guaranteed.  I know this because if the truth be told, I've sampled these berries already.  You'll find in the online store a place to buy raffle tickets.  For every dollar donated, I will match and donate the same amount.

Both of these items are directly related to how you, Star Light Garden-ers (ha, just made that up!), get or don't get the food that you want on the table each night.  And further, hopefully you agree that there are better ways to both treat the people who bring that food to your table and better ways for that food to be grown for you. Let's now, with this virus turning everything upside down, try to figure out how we can produce food closer to where we live .

Ok. A few housekeeping things.  Remember that when you order, you should expect to get an email confirmation of that fact.  If you don't get it, try again.  Without that email, no one knows if you ordered or not.  Pay attention to deadlines for ordering.  Clearly, written all over the store, but if you get confused, no worries, give us a call.  All pre- ordering is either SNAP/ CSA or PayPal.  Even if you aren't a paypal member, it will still take your money thru your credit card.  It all seems to be working pretty darn good.

Head lettuce back this week.  And pretty.  There's now a big surge of tomato plants in the ground, with more to follow this week.  Same for eggplant and leeks.  We're simply growing great food.  Our job is mostly hard work.  Nature does a lot of the rest.  If I sound proud of us, its because I really am.

Have a great week, as always