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A Horse With No Name

Posted 6/15/2020 7:55pm by David Zemelsky.

Truthfully, I'm at a loss about what to say to any of you this week.  My life has been caught up in two things.  One is the farm and other is the international protest about George Floyd.  And sadly, he is not the only Black man to have died at the hands of the police in recent days.  I've no intention on taking on the whole question of the long and systematic racism in our country.  But I will share with you this: no person who lives in our town could feel the fear and trepidation that people of color must feel whenever they are out driving or even walking around their neighborhood.  These are just my personal feelings and barely scratching the surface of  how I feel.  What I did notice last week is that immediately after posting my letter, six people unsubscribed.  That's never happened before.  Usually, one or two people every other week or so.  I'm guessing that someone didn't like what is being said.  So be it.  I recognize that a farm newsletter is probably the last place you'd expect to find political thoughts.  But, as has been mentioned in earlier letters, farms and the whole food chain are vulnerable to incidents of racism just like the rest of society.  If we're going to enjoy great locally grown food, we need to recognize how growers and meat producers alike are striving to eliminate any forms of racism in their businesses.

As for the farm. OMG.  Such an explosion of growth.  Some of it, we'll be waiting for in coming months.  Leeks, potatoes, ginger, turmeric eggplant, and peppers to name but a few. It won't be long before the cherry tomatoes will be in enough supply to sell.  Tonight while doing some last minute tomato trellising , I was able to keep finding handfuls of ripe sun golds.  Ever had one?  They're like eating a sugar cube.  You'll see.

Online Store, as always will be open at 8AM Monday.  Shopping early is a good way to maybe get what you want.  And checking back later in the week for items that you saw were sold out makes sense, too.  We carefully inventory what we have so that we don't over sell.  Sometimes, we've underestimated and put that something back in the store to sell.  Its ok to put in two orders.  We'll figure it out. 

Its going to help our ability to serve you better if we change the deadline for ordering on Friday and Saturday.  Here goes.  In red letters and Caps.  NEW DEADLINE FOR ORDERING FOR BOTH FRIDAY AND SATURDAY IS 9PM THURSDAY.

Please, be safe in your outside interactions. And, as always thank you for supporting our farm and local growers.