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Posted 11/1/2020 6:14pm by David Zemelsky.

In a way, I hate to make my subject line "Trump", as it gives him yet one more place in the spotlight.  It looks to me that one of the reasons that he is ignoring people's needs in regards to Covid(to name  just one of the many needs that he ignores of his constitutients ) is that Covid becomes a more central and important subject than Donald J. Trump.  "Covid, covid covid!", he's been known to say in frustration when the subject gets more air play than himself.

On Tuesday, it could be the start of something entirely new for our country(Biden) or another 4 years with the current administration.  But either way,  Trumpism will continue long past Trump's eventual exit.  And that means that there'll still be people who are holding values (Trump's) that I quite honestly can not understand.  But whether I do or don't understand is not as important as how we're all going to get along.

Its not an easy problem to solve.  I will admit that part of me believes that anyone who is for Trump is lacking in thinking things thru and seeing the truth.  And further, they are lacking in empathy.  There are so many reasons that this is my belief.  But it does smell of a "higher than thou" thought process.  Its just that every day, I'll read something new that Trump has said or done that shows his racist thoughts and a laser focus on worrying most about his welfare (getting elected) and not on the electorates needs (the immediate need for an effective federal strategy on the Pandemic).

See what I mean?  It doesn't take me but a moment to launch into all the frustration I feel towards Trump and consequently his followers. And, many of you won't find fault with that, either.  Others of you-not sure.  The upshot is that I'm digging deep into my toolbox of feelings and realize that somehow, with or without Trump (depending on the result of the election), there are going to be lots of people who have embraced his beliefs, that are still going to be around.  And what to do? My first thought is that  first priority is to understand why they feel the way that they do.  In that way, they won't seem like such a puzzlement to me.  Secondly, dialogue with anyone who'll engage.  Not always easy.  I know that it is totally easy for me and my friends to engage in the latest Trumpism that we read about or heard on the radio  but to have a meaningful conversation from someone from the other side? A challenge.  We, as a nation are going to have to do that, however.  What would be the alternative-Civil War?  Too horrible to even contemplate.  And besides many of the militias- they're armed. Democratics-not so much.  Perhaps we need a feeling in our towns and cities that we can talk with each other.  As a side note, that doesn't mean that we're going to accept racism and/or sexism as an "OK" value that we're going to work with.  Some lines can not and shouldn't be crossed.

Now, back to the farm.  A good week. A big frost. And a big showing at the markets.  I look to Jen and Joel as the backbone of this success.  Steady and total committment on both their parts to grow the best organic food you'll find anywhere.  We use to clearly be the choice for heirloom tomatoes and magical (Carrot Scientist) carrots, but now people are also even more interested in our amazing kale, beets, radishes and pak (bok) choi, to name but a few.  Our soils, as you might know, are treated like they might if there was a health spa for dirt.  As much as we can, we keep the tractor off of it.  And the wonderful diet  of amendments (think like your daily vitamin), compost and gently broadforking the beds ( kind of like fluffing your pillow).  And come to think of it, we call the places where we grow our food "beds".  How perfect is that?!

Check out the store carefully this week.  We're offering you green tomatoes this week.  If you haven't delved into the world of them yet, you are in for a treat.  Green Tomato Pie, Green Tomato Relish, Green Tomato Soup.  The list goes on and on.  They're good.  You'll see!

Catapillar Tunnel Update.  One of the two houses is finished!  This is so cool for us.  We added instantly 1500 square feet under plastic.  The second one is coming soon, too.  Here are two pictures to give you an idea about how they look.                           

Lastly, here is a link to my favorite academican-Heather Cox Richardson, a professor at Boston College in History.  Every day she puts out a newsletter outlining the important things that happened in the news feed that day.  But much more than that, she puts her historical prospective on what she is talking about.  I find her exactly perfect for me.  Today, she's writing about hope,a subject that needs a lot of help in these very strange times. And  I hope you take the 4 minutes that it would entail to read what she is thinking about.  It brought tears to my eyes because sometimes, it seems that its hard to find things to feel hopeful about.  (sorry for all the "hopes", it just worked out that way!  Here's the link.  https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/october-31-2020

Have a great week and lets fasten our seat belts for this election.  Its maybe going to be a bumpy ride.