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Christine Cohen Knocked To The Ground

Posted 10/5/2020 5:37am by David Zemelsky.


Christine Cohen(candidate for State Senate)?  Jump down several paragraphs.

Caterpillar Tunnels? Yes! I mentioned them two weeks ago and forgot to tell you about them the following week.  First off, Star Light has High Tunnels(also known as Hoop Houses)-6 of them to be exact.  We use them extensively every month of the year to make our growing season longer.  In the Summer, we'll grow tomatoes, basil, ginger, turmeric , eggplant and peppers.  Because they're constructed with a plastic cover, its warmer in there and we can plant things sooner and leave them in the ground longer.  Later, after these Summer crops go, we'll plant claytonia (another great conversation about this little known green will be later in the season), kale (both baby and large), spinach, chard and bok choi.  This is our Winter Warehouse-a supply that helps us have fresh food for you all Winter.  I call these vegetables Winter Warriors because they'll battle the cold with ease and stay delicious, viable and healthy all Winter.  Caterpillar Tunnels are narrow and short compared to a High Tunnel.  And for that reason, look very much like a caterpillar.  Joel applied for a state grant to experiment with these caterpillar tunnels and they accepted his application.  State pays half-its like a 50% off sale.  When they're up, you'll get some pictures.  We'll be able to increase our available Winter square footage for a very reasonable rate.  Additionally, we can grow later tomatoes in there.  So, to be continued.

As mentioned in past letters, we're totally in Fall mode.  There's still one hoop house with tomatoes from the Summer, but all else are growing those Winter crops.  Pictures coming soon.

I've received some important and provocative reactions to something I recently wrote about "he's not my president".  This statement seemed to have hit a very sore spot with these individuals.  I don't, of course wish to cause pain here.  My only goal is to share many of the feelings that I feel about the state of our country.  There is no presumption on my part that my perspective  on our world is  insightful  but rather, one of many thoughts that I feel a need to share with all of you. In other words, I'm no punster, just one individual who thinks that our system needs a huge shaking up and some realigned priorities.  As a member of my mailing list, you've an opportunity to read these thoughts or skip them.  Ok, its early and maybe I"m not being as articulate as I want.  I'll leave by saying that it feels like a privilege to be able to share my thoughts with all of you.  I'm not a Twitter guy, so this works best for me.

Back to letters that I received.  The big take away from these letters is that my position (he's not my president)  does not further both sides getting along-that it makes this division even deeper.  I won't disagree with that.  Further, the writers stated, both parties must get along and be civil if there's to be any progress in meaningful work being made.  The close relationship of the late Judges Ginsburg and Scalia were cited as examples of opposing views finding a middle ground. 

To all of this, it would hard to disagree.  Waring parties will only fight and nothing gets accomplished. Ginsburg and Scalia respected one another and found common ground in life's simpler pleasures (like Opera and travel).  I think of myself as someone who knows a bit about getting along and listening to alternative ideas and suggestions.  All reasonable concepts -I'm open to them.  But this is where it stops for me.  It is virtually impossible for me to think of being able to come to common ground with a Republican Party that would rather stay loyal to Trump than speak their own truth because of a fear of losing there own elected positions. It is also impossible for me to think I could agree with a President that only holds his own interest as valid, that humiliates anyone and everyone that gets in his way, who holds racist views, who is unable to listen to the basic premise upheld by Science that climate change is real, dangerous and a threat to all life on this planet,who lies continuously to suit his purpose,who believes that there were "really good people on both sides", who did not see the precious value of John Lewis,POW's, Ruth Beder Ginsburg and so many many more.

This is a place that I can not go.  Can't.  I know that I'm just one voice, but there are many of you who feel the same way.  In my heart, I'd love to be able to figure out a way for  us "all to get along".  I was raised by parents who thought getting along was important.  I've done the same for my own magnificent grown up children.  But having said all this-figuring out how we can make peace with the value system above-its not going to happen.

These letters that I've written are dangerous in a way because of their unfiltered nature.  That's deliberate.  Their content has drawn some negative comments, which I accept.  They're just a glimpse into one person's mind and I've decided to take a chance and trust you with whatever comes out.

Lastly, the subject line of this letter "Christine Cohen Knocked To The Ground"  has to do with a very large sign of her's in my neighbor's yard. The other day, while walking by it with the dogs, I noticed that someone had knocked the sign over.  Its big, maybe 4' by 6'.  The implications here are that someone from "the other side" wanted to let it be known that its ok to deface Democratic messages.  I'm sure that some Dems have done the same.  This kind of childish play serves only to rub in our faces disdain.  Maybe my statement about the President does the same.  I don't know.  Or maybe the big difference between the two acts is that the sign pushers was a physical act of violence (well, not a lot, but still violence) and mine was just a statement.  Frankly, I'm not sure, but I hope you'll think on when its ok to say that someone's value system (the President) will never ever work for you, your family or the country.

Please have a great week.  I hope our vegetables will help sustain you in these trying times.  They're grown with love-this I know.