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Can We All Get Along?

Posted 9/14/2020 6:50am by David Zemelsky.

I belong to a men' group.  Its been about 4 or 5 years. I forget because my sense of time is terrible.  Anyway, we meet every other Tuesday evening for 2 hours.  The main purpose of the group is to really be in touch with the feelings inside of us.  Easy, you think?  Not so much for me.  But I work hard at it.  Its important for me to make sure that what's inside is known and not buried.  Its helped me in so  many ways, both professionally dealing with chefs, farm market customers and in my relationships with family and friends.  Sometimes, I see myself remaining in this group for the duration.  Who knows?  There's 10 guys and with zoom, two of us who had moved to other parts of the country can now rejoin the group.  Zoom isn't bad for what we do, but not, of course as good as seeing my guys in person.  We're an eclectic  group, but one thing that holds us together is our hearts.  Each of us is concerned, and committed to helping who ever needs supports.  And like any group of people, those needs can sometimes be great.  So the big take away here is the strong heart and strong empathy of each of them.

Ok. I mention this as a backdrop for an issue that was written about last week- people who like the President.  Here's the thing. Without going into too much detail, the President is not my President.  He is unfit for the job in my humble opinion and dangerous for the security and welfare of each of us.  His inept handling of the pandemic alone has cost lives.  I'm not going to go on, however anyone who wants to hear any more that I think on the subject and share their views, just write.  This President does not show empathy or heart when people need it the most.  And therefore, it makes me feel that people who support him may also be devoid of this features.  AND, I could be wrong. And here's where I'm getting confused.  That's why I'm sharing this feeling with you.

One or two members of my men's group are for the President.  These are good good people who care about me and every other member of our group. If I was in crisis, they'd have my back.  I know this just as strongly as I know that the moon will get bigger and the sun is going to come up tomorrow.  So on the one hand, I've got strong supportive friends.  And these same friends support a President who seems only interested in one thing-getting reelected. I'm clearly wrong therefore-people with strong loving hearts can also support someone who doesn't understand this way of living on the earth.  I am left with the gnawing question-how do these two opposite values comfortably exist in my men's group friends?  Last week, I invited anyone to help me understand any of the attraction for him (the President).  I heard from no one.  But being a bit relentless,  this week is a follow up on the same question-why him?  I really want to know.  Granted, my needs are pretty irrelevant in the scope of things but a constructive conversation between people who disagree will only make the world a better place.

Even though the leaves have barely begun to turn, we're already into Winter mode here at Star Light.  Actually, its been that way since July, when we planted all the carrots and some other root crops that we're going to be offering to you in December.  Joel's planting lots of spinach, and that is something that we'll be able to offer in a few more weeks (maybe 3).

And having gotten you thinking about Fall, the tomatoes are still at full flavor.  Remember the dehydrator?  Now, there are many dried tomatoes that we'll be offering to you once the fresh ones are gone.  Dried tomatoes have been voted by the Tomato Council of New England Growers (I just made that up) as the number one Christmas present for 2020.  And this year, they're going to be packaged handsomely with original art.  Can't wait to show you the label!

Lastly, the usual reminders.  Pre-orders are only completed when you get an email confirmation.  Try again, if you don't get the email.  CSA still remains the best way to get our food at the best price.  We'll be honouring your balance right into next year, so sign up and save (sounds like a slogan, right?)

Be safe as you go about your days.Namaste.