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Posted 7/5/2020 8:55pm by David Zemelsky.

Someone wrote (in a very friendly manner), that she'd like it better if I stuck to writing about vegetables and kept the politics out of my notes.  I wrote back that I appreciated her position and yet could not figure out a way to not say something about what's going on in the world specifically in regards to racism.  I just care too much to not say anything.  My note back to her  also became an invitation for further back and forth dialogue.  Hope she takes me up on the offer because an exchange of view point between people could lead to change (on both our parts).

Someone else shared a regret from their childhood experience at overnight camp whereby the writer found herself agreeing with a bunkmate that: "wasn't it too bad that we're going to have someone with dark skin spoiling our great group."  She wished that she had spoke up because she felt positive about this African American bunkmate, but said nothing to support that viewpoint.  How many times have any of us just been quiet when a racist or sexist comment has been made? God, I hate the thought of being silent.  And yet, we all know that from an early age, African American children are taught to keep their bodies and their language quiet when being confronted by the police.  That's a trauma that could last a lifetime.  I don't even have a clue what that's like.

A reading suggestion: Ta-Nehisi Coates article in the Atlantic about reparations.  https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/06/the-case-for-reparations/361631/

We're back to our regular schedule this week.  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at the Farm pickup . Durham Farmer's Market on Thursday, Madison Market on Friday and Cityseed in New Haven on Saturday.  A reminder (again!): if after placing your order, you don't get a note of confirmation, then its not yet an order.  Try again.  If that still doesn't work, give us a call.  We'll fix you up.

Right now, as we speak, there are tons of GREEN heirloom tomatoes on the vine in four hoophouses.  Its not going to be too much longer.  Stay tuned for our thoughts on how we'll be selling them on preorders.  One of the things that has taken up the majority of my work time is pruning these plants.  Many people don't prune, but those that do are rewarded with more beautiful and better tasting toms (henceforth, we'll refer to tomatoes as "toms"). Additionally, a pruned plant has the best chance of staying healthy longer.  The truth is that sooner or later, tomato plants will catch one disease or another.  The longer we can postpone that, the better our production is.  The other cool thing that we do to our plants is spray them with a fish/seaweed spray.  This process helps get the best possible nutrients into the fruit.  Can't wait to taste them.  The woodchucks are probably saying the same thing!

Good eating for all of you this week.  I'm hoping that you get everything that you want.  I know that some things sell our very quickly.  I promise you that once the tomatoes start flowing, you won't have a problem with supply. (Famous last words!)