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:More Nails, More Garlic and Lots of Greens

Posted 5/10/2020 8:53pm by David Zemelsky.

I've got four important things that I need to share with you this week.

One.  The delivery service got off to a positive start last week.  For those of you that should stay sheltered or just think that it would fit better into your life to have a delivery, this is a great option.  Only $10.  Wednesday only.

Two. Ordering and paying attention to deadlines to both pick up and place your order are very important for you to get what you want.  Look back at last weeks letter or  see my blog on our homepage from last week.  I'd prefer not to keep repeating the info every week.  We believe that our system is pretty simple AND you have to follow the guidelines.  I will mention one very important procedure however.  You should get an email back acknowledging your order after the order has been placed.  If you didn't get this, we won't be seeing your order.  Try again.  You might have missed something. Call, if you still can't get it.

Here's the two link that will get you directly into the store (AFTER 8AM, TOMORROW!)

For CSA/Snap Customers:  http://starlightgardensct.com/store/csa-snap-customers

For Creditcard/PayPal Customers:  (No cash. Credit cards work on paypal, even if you don't have a paypal account):  http://starlightgardensct.com/store/available-products-for-card-and-paypal-customers

Third.  And this is going to sound like bragging.  We're making available to you some wonderful vegetables earlier than ever this season.  Factors are: Joel and Jen being devoted to keeping churning out seedlings that we can plant out at first in the hoophouses and lately outside.  We're using paperpot technology.   Transplanting use to be so so so time consuming.  But the paperpot transplanter has changed all that.  Here's a link to show you how easy it is. When I first saw how quickly things went, there's a good chance that I had a farming drool. (Don't ask me what that is!).  https://www.johnnyseeds.com/videos/video-v146.html  When I realized that I could transplant exponentially faster than by hand with the transplanter, I knew that this was something to get.  You may not get as excited as me, but I hope that you catch my enthusiasm.  Our Mother's Day Carrot Roll Out is another good example.  Again, not bragging here-just reporting.  It would be my humble opinion that there were no other farms in CT that were offering freshly grown and harvested carrots last week.  And they were good, too. Very.  Hoophouses have transformed how we grow throughout New England.  Twenty one years ago, we were the only CT farm to do season extensions.  Now,  its pretty standard practice on most farms.  Ok.  It does sound like bragging.  But the truth is,  its pretty cool that we were on the front of all this!

Fourth.  Star Light is a relatively small farm producing a huge amount of food, right now.  More than we've every done before.  Your enthusiasm for real food has made this possible.  I hope that you'll understand if an item becomes unavailable from time to time.  If you go to order and see that its sold out, there is a chance that in a few hours or days, that item will be back in the store.  We carefully monitor our inventory to make sure that we don't oversell.  For all of us, that is the worst nightmare, to promise  someone something and not be able to come thru.

Fifth( I know, I said four, but that turned not to be true). I think that most of us have become aware more than ever how the current system works against people of color and mostly women.  In the essential job of working at grocery stores this is particularly true.  Most of the employees at the grocery stores could actually make more money collecting unemployment at this point.  They should be getting hazard pay, in my opinion.  And sadly, if any of these woman get sick, and are undocumented (a likely scenario), they aren't eligible for medical care or unemployment insurance.

For this reason, I'm hoping that we can raise money again to help support these essential workers.  Our next raffle will be for the first pint of cherry tomatoes.  My current estimate is that should be around the middle of June.  Of course, I could be off.  We'll see.

OK.  Online Store will open around 8AM tomorrow May 11th.  Early shopping recommended.