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Delivery, Nails and Garlic

Posted 5/5/2020 6:03am by David Zemelsky.

Dear All Of You That Sustain Star Light,

Its going to sound like bragging, but I prefer to say that its just reporting.  Here it is: Star Light is really doing well.  When I see the beauty of the radishes, the hugeness of our crisp red and red /green lettuce heads and delectable spinach it just makes me feel great and grateful.  Grateful first of all for Joel and Jen, who are working so hard to make the food just that good.  They are dedicated.  If there's an award for being great farmers, they should get the prize.

And again, the next thing that I'll say will also sound like bragging.  Its just reporting, though.  We're just putting food out there for you so early.  Some of it is a result of crops that we held through the winter, like spinach, big kale and swiss chard, but others are from aggressively planting things early and utilizing hoop house technology.  A good example of that is lettuce heads, pak choi,turnips, radishes and chinese cabbage.  More often than not, with these cultivars, we'll start them in trays in a warmer climate (like in the basement under grow lights) and then transplant after 3 or so weeks.  The carrots that we'll be offering (limit of one bunch per customer for starters) are so incredibly early.  We simply start them in the late fall and keep them protected (in a hoophouse or outside in a low tunnel), always keeping the weeds to an absolute minimum.  Oh, and not to forget the loads of compost, organic fertilizer and  broadforking (our method for loosening the soil without upsetting the tilth).

Before a word on ordering, we're introducing our delivery service this week, which is run by Susie's Smart Shop.  The charge is $10/delivery.  We're just passing on her price and not adding anything to this.  There's a delivery option in the online shop which you will need to select at the time of purchase.  Oherwise, we won't know if you want delivery.  Two important things. At this point, Hartford and points West from New Haven, we'll not be able to go to at this point.  There maybe some other limitations for her which we won't know until we see where you live.  This is a worthwhile experiment and hopefully, it will help many of you.  If you live in these areas, see if there's other people in your area who might be interested.  Delivery is WEDNESDAY(mid to late afternoon) only, at this point.  Make sure that you give us your address and a good phone number in the comment section.  Delivery will be made to an outside entrance.  No inside deliveries.

Let's quickly go over ordering in the world of Covid-19.  I'll keep it simple.  Ordering begins at 8AM on Monday morning.  If you're going to Cityseed in New Haven, you'll absolutely need to get a timeslot first before making an order with us. Here's the link:https://cityseed.org/cityseed-to-host-outside-pre-order-only-market/

OK.  Others of you and the Cityseed crowd, now its time to go to our online  store.  If you're a CSA/SNAP person use the following link:  http://starlightgardensct.com/store/csa-snap-customers

Everyone else should use PayPal.  We need to get away from cash and checks at the shed.  You'll use this link:http://starlightgardensct.com/store/available-products-for-card-and-paypal-customers

The exception to checks is if you're renewing your CSA membership.  We would like to only take checks for your renewal.  They can also be mailed.

Go thru the store and pick what you want.  There's always a chance that something you want is sold out, but it could become available later that day, or the next day. Our goal is to make sure that CSA has a good shot at everything that's available. Go to checkout. There, you'll be able to adjust the amount of any one item that you'd like. PayPal people will then be asked to enter the required info and then finish the sale.  Important note here:  If you did the transaction successfully, the system will generate an invoice to your in box.  If you don't see it, try again or give me a call. 860 463 0166.  It should work, though.  Remember, you need that invoice for it to be an official order.  If you don't have an invoice , then we won't be able to see your order.

Important times to remember: Deadline for ordering is: 8AM Wednesday for Wednesday pick up and 8AM Friday for BOTH Friday and Saturday. Pick up times at the shed are after2pm on both Wednesday and Friday.  Its 3pm for Saturday in order for those that have ordered mushrooms to get them.(We pick them up from Seacoast Mushroom at the Cityseed Market that day.

Nails (in the subject line)? Nails, because our friend John (also a former employee of Star Light) is building an addition on our addition off the back of the addition (our new walk in cooler).  He doesn't know it yet, but we've got two more additions for him to complete.  Don't tell him.

In the shop this week, I hope you'll appreciate the long list of crops, starter plants, herbs and tomatoes.  Its a long impressive list.  Again, its going to sound like bragging but for a small farm, we're putting out a lot.  I hope you agree.

I hope you have a great and safe week.