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Learning To Hate Silver LInings

Posted 4/19/2020 8:22pm by David Zemelsky.


   Dear All Of You That I Hope Are Safe/Healthy and Staying Smart,

    I'm going to ask my First Selectman to wait till Dr. Faucci says its ok to  "     " open things up".  It is beyond my imagination that there are people who think its best to begin to get the economy cranked up before its safe to do so.  What are they thinking?  This is not to say that I don't totally get how devastating it is for all of us who've lost that paycheck.  But for real, minimizing   social contact and testing and tracing seems to be the way to go.

And along with that (I just can't help myself here), is the hard cold fact that no one can dispute:  the vulnerable populations , those with sub quality housing, sub quality nutrition, subquality schools and sub wages-those are the ones most vulnerable to getting this terrible virus in the first place. And for that matter the ones most vulnerable to just about any social pitfall you can think of. Help where you can.

And that brings me to the "Silver Lining" question.  Sure, keeping positive is ultra important, but I would imagine that hearing about silver linings for someone who just lost a loved one and wasn't even allowed to be physically close to them at their end would in itself feel cruel. 

Moving on.

Star Light is shining in my eyes now.  Not bragging, just reporting.  It is such a great feeling to know that we can provide real,and healthy food to all of you during these times. And now, so many of you are people that I know!  And a special nod to all my personal friends that are now Star Light supporters. Thank you.   We've certainly taxed our system, but managed to get our hundreds of orders to all of you.  The distribution system  seems to work well.  The Cityseed Market and orders from our shed are going out without a hitch.  Because of the time involved in getting your orders ready and in boxes, we're going to add a $.50 charge to most items.  If you want to comment to us about that please do.  Didn't want to this, but must.

The store will open tomorrow at around 8AM.  Rather than go over the protocol yet again, please refer to last weeks letter or last weeks blog on the home page.  It will be one week down from this week's.  I will emphasize two things.  Deadline for ordering for Wednesday is 8AM on Wednesday.  Deadline for ordering for BOTH Friday and Saturday is 8AM FRIDAY.  Pre ordering is the best way to hopefully get exactly what you want in either case.  And ordering early in the week will help you, too. The possibility of selling out of certain items  before the end of the week is very likely.  Second thing when ordering-its simple. Very.  If you're paying with credit card/pay pal go to this part of the store at:  http://www.starlightgardensct.com/store/available-products-for-card-and-paypal-customers  If you're a CSA person or SNAP person go to the part of the store using the following address:  http://www.starlightgardensct.com/store/csa-snap-customers

I need you to know all the amazing things that are happening on the farm.  The first house of tomatoes is doing great.  It is now half planted.  Lots of blossoms and plenty of encouraging growth.  The idea of actually having a real tomato to enjoy right now is too wonderful to think about.  I'd be interested to knowing some of your ideas about how to give you tomatoes when you won't be able to touch/smell or select your own.  You're going to have to rely on our wisdom about what you'd like.  The good part about this is that I've yet to grow a tomato that I wasn't one hundred percent crazy about.  Oh, wait there was one, but we won't go into that one.  And we don't grow it anymore.

At least one member of the team has been sneaking one or two (or three or four) baby carrots every few days.  Whenever I have a free moment, I'll go down there and gaze at them.  Here's what they looked like this AM.


Pretty damn glorious, right?

Hope to see many of you this week.  Please live safe and smart.  Store will be opening for orders tomorrow 4/20 around 8AM.  We wish you all a healthy week.