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For Those Who Know What Gratitude Is (and if you don't, try some fresh vegetables, which will help

Posted 4/12/2020 7:37pm by David Zemelsky.

Every time you eat, you're eating the earth in some way.  If its meat, then you're experiencing the result of an animal eating something that came directly from the earth. Either grain or vegetables.  When you eat vegetables, they are the product of what the earth has to offer vegetable plants.  We're talking about the nutrients and goodness that we all crave.  Same for milk, which is the product of everything that the cow has acquired from the earth.  How about salt? Clearly from the earth.  There is only one way to look at this- we are the earth.

Now, I want to first mention a possible delivery service.

A delivery service!  We can do this easily.  Just need to know if there's interest on your part.  We have used delivery services to get our vegetables to restaurants for the past 12 years.  (I use to do it myself for 4 hours twice a week after a full day of work.  But I've outgrown that lifestyle!).  Now, delivery has taken on a new meaning.  The driver will bring your food right to your front door (but not into the house).  If its raining, perhaps one could provide a cover, although each product is in a plastic bag already.  As the weather gets warmer, the ability of things to stay fresh will dramatically change.  The other factor is that we'll need to go to a PayPal system in order to make this work.  In other words, your order will be prepaid before you receive it.  The cost for delivery is $10.

For now, what I'd like to ask of you is to respond and let us know if this delivery service is of interest to you.  Just a quick yes  will do. And tell us where you live. There seems to be a real demand for delivery of food these days, so I'll wait and see what you all think.

Whether you are ordering from Cityseed or pre ordering at the shed, we're going  to a Paypal system(with a $.50 processing fee). (You can still pay by check at the shed).  Cityseed customers have already transitioned to this system and now we'll need it for the shed orders, too.  In this way,  it becomes easy for everyone to have an equal opportunity to get what they want.  In case you didn't know, there is an unprecidented  demand for great, locally grown food-like never in my lifetime.  And it makes sense, right? People are more learly of going into an actual store.  I know.  My family has told me-no stores. 

Both Cityseed and Pre orders at the shed will shop in the exact same way. Except for one minor detail for Cityseed people, which I'll tell you about at the end of this paragraph. You'll go on the website and select at the top a tab marked Pre Order Here. Click that button.  You'll have two simple choices. Either PrePay or CSA/SNAP.     You know who you are.  Look at the choices and select the items that you want.  Eventually, you'll end up at the check out where you'll have to say if you're a Cityseed pick up person or one of the three days from the shop.  You can also note how many of any one item you wish. People prepaying will be directed to Paypal.  CSA and Snap are done.Just get yourself to the right pick up place!  Its simple really.  Think of it this way, pick the place you want to go.  If you were at the airport wanting to go to Dallas, you wouldn't be looking to buy a ticket for Tallahassee , right?


OK. The Cityseed routine has one different step.  And its important.  You'll need to go on the Cityseed website (Cityseed.org) and get the time slot that you will pick up.  Just a heads up, every slot got taken last week.  Its kind of like getting tickets for Hamilton.  You've got to be on your toes.  Last week, Cityseed orders came in like a waterfall.  Not trying to scare you, just telling you the fact.  People want their food.  YOU'LL NEED TO DO THIS FIRST BEFORE ORDERING FROM STAR LIGHT OR ANY OTHER VENDOR AT THE MARKET. PERIOD.  In reality, of this stuff is a big nothing.  You'll get use to it and eventually, I hope we'll be able to go back to the park and  (and this is a big "and) none of us well ever forget what this was like.  None of us at Star Light are particularly in love with how this has to go, but we all know-this is the way it has to be for now.  

OK. Back to the shed.  We do special orders on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Ordering deadline for Wednesday is 8AM on Wednesday.  Your order,with your name on it will be in our shed at 54 Fowler Ave./Durham after 2pm,Wednesday. Friday's pre order works the same.  Order by 8AM on Friday.  Pick up after 2PM Friday.  Saturday is different in two ways.  First off, deadline is also 8AM FRIDAY.  The order will be ready after 3PM on Saturday.  This is so we can get mushrooms from Seacoast Mushroom to a lot of you.  They are popular-and for good reason.  Chris, who owns Seacoast lost a big part of his business when restaurants closed.  We're offering them to you and passing the exact money received totally to him.  Vendor solidarity!

Still questions?-just email us at  starlightgardensdurhamct.com  We're good at answering questions. 

Have a good week and a safe week.

Us At Star Light