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2PM 2PM 2PM (except 3PM on Saturday)

Posted 4/6/2020 12:04pm by David Zemelsky.


For real, there are so many directions my letter could go.  For example, I could share with you a fantasy I had to rename Star LIght "The Anti-Pandemic Farm".  But then, that wouldn't be good.  Who wants to be "Anti" something.  And then there's the whole question about the President's "performance" thru all this.  And again, who wants to hear my rants about him- you're reading this  newsletter because of food.  And then there's thoughts about how amazing people have acted thru these hard times and how stressful situations can bring out unexpectedly positive results.  All interesting but who really cares what some farmer from Middlesex County thinks about all this out.  So I'm going to let go of any of those subjects this week.  AND, that doesn't mean that I might not be at it next week.

You all have shown an explosion of interest in Star Light.  For that I'm eternally grateful.  Especially when one looks at the fate of so many small businesses at this time.  And with that in mind, there are two request.  First, if you're ordering for pick up at the farm, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO OUR DEADLINE FOR ORDERING AND WHEN ORDER WILL BE READY!(Details below in bold letters and italics.)  Whew! I hope the capitol letters get your attention.  Second, please note that the huge volume of ordering has resulted in some sell outs for products.  I hope that you understand that this is all part of "the hard/strange/stressful times" that we all find ourselves in right now.  Thank you for your understanding about all this. 

Hoop Houses are deliciously full of all kinds of amazing food.  Salad, pak choi, braising greens, mustard greens, radish, turnips, pea tendrils, lettuce heads (more on then later), arugula, salad greens,spinach and kale .  And the same can be said for outside, too.  Its a transition time.  Gradually, the hoop houses will be totally devoted to peppers, eggplants and our tomatoes.  As an area in the house becomes depleted, we'll pull out the plants, broad fork and compost it and dress with some organic fertilizer.  Broad forking, if you don't know  utilizes a two handled  gigantic fork that loosens the soil.  In so doing, it aerates the soil allowing nutrients and microbes to easily move about in there and create their wonder.  After all this happens, we're able to plant our tomato plants.  Each hole also receives a handful of compost and fertilizer just for good measure.  This system always always works.  Our tomato plants remain happy year after year.

Our push to come up with the first carrot anywhere remains strong.  I am keeping any and all weeds out of there.  Joel has recently sprayed the tops with a seaweed/fish mix to give them a needed boost in supplement intake (Plants are exactly like us-and will benefit from a good nutritional shot of food.)  My first estimate about when carrots would be ready was Mother's Day.  That does seem possible.  But, it could be earlier.  A few necessary thinings have already happened, and my pubic statement about the taste is  "awesome,and then some".  If anyone knows anything better than a good carrot, please let me know. (Maybe  happy babies are a close second)

This next paragraph is for people picking up at the shed in Durham.  If you're a Cityseed customer, just skip this.

Pick up Days  at shed at 54 Fowler Ave./Durham: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

For Wednesday Pick up: Ordering Deadline is 8AM on Wednesday.  Pick will be after 2pm.  If you're ordering for Wednesday,please note that on your email.

For Friday Pick Up: Ordering Deadline is 8AM on Friday. Pick up is after 2PM.  If you're ordering for Friday, please note on your email:

For Saturday Pick up: Ordering Deadline is 8AM on FRIDAY (note that please). Pick up is after 3PM on Saturday. Its later on Saturday in order to distribute mushrooms.  Please note that if you're ordering for Saturday to say that on your email.

CitySeed Customers.  Many of you already know the drill.  And it seems to work quite well.  Go to the Cityseed.Org website and get a time slot.  Then back to our website Starlightgardensct.com where you'll find our store. Select the tab at the top that saids " Cityseed Market Preorder".  Click that.  Two choices appear. If you're a CSA or Snap customer , you'll choose that.  Everyone else will click "Available products for Card/Paypal Customers".  After that, just follow your nose to the check out.  It is there that you can adjust the number of each product that you might want.  Paypal is easy to use even if you're not a member.  Your credit card will work. Paypal wants your address.  I know that part is kind of  a small pain, but that's the easiest way in the long run.  We really appreciate the way all of you have adopted to this way of doing business.  I hope that you're satisfied, too.

Ordering deadline for Cityseed is 10AM on Friday. 

My experience last week was that some products sold out early.  Not saying this to try to sell more stuff, just sharing my experience from last week.

I rate our CSA as the easiest and best value out there.  You put your money down first, and then when you're ready to order, just order exactly what you want.  There's a discount for you, too.  If you order at the $100 level, its worth $105.  If you order at the $300 level, its worth $330.  We'll issue you a card (looks like a credit card), but the way things will have to work now is that you tell us what you want  and we'll handle the bookeeping from our end.  If you're a Durham area CSA member and just show up at the shop, email us what you got and we'll deduct from your balance.  If you special order, we'll also handle deducting from your balance.  Easy, easy!

And anyone can show up at the shed and get what's available there.  Usually wonderful spinach, jam, salad greens and claytonia.  Also, we're offering a free bag of spinach to ANYONE who has been negatively impacted by the pendemic. Anyone.  There's a bunch of spinach bags on the left hand side as you enter the shed.  The shed is open everyday during daylight hours.  Payment is self service in the glass jar.  Handwashing station right there.  This system works well.


Finally, the food.  (I just wish all these details of helping you get food didn't exist.  I hope that sharing that feeling makes a difference. for you.)

This week:

Seacoast Mushrooms: simply the best in the state.  We're offering them as a service to both you and Seacoast.  As you might know, most of Seacoast"s business has been from restaurants.  We're hoping that we can help add to his sales.  $4/box of shitake mushroom.  $8/chef's choice, a beautiful mixture.  Only only only for Saturday pick up at the shed.  Please note.  These are well worth it. A good mushroom rivals a good carrot (almost).  Anyway, carrots aren't available now.

Potted Herbs! $5/pot Its a long wonderful list.  Dill, mint, parsley, sage, basil, cilantro, mountain mint, oregano , marjoram, thyme.

Tomato Plants: $5/plant.  Its not to early to own one but probably too early to put them into the ground.   Paul Robeson, Striped German, and Kellog Breakfast.  All heirloom, interminate variety.  Just google each of these to see what they look like.  They are all giants in the world of our heirlooms.  Giants.

Glorious Salad Greens-$6/bag.  We're getting accolades for the taste and appearance of our mixed greens.  Hope you'll like them, too

Claytonia- $6/bag  The beautiful, delicate and delicious white flower is now a part of the look.  This signifies the waning but not the end of the claytonia season.  Still delicious, still beautiful.  Its end will be bittersweet.  Bittersweet because it means that we're that much closer to other later season products becoming available.

Spinach- $6/bag

Hakeuri Turnips- $4/bunch


Braising Green- $6/bag

Mustard Greens- $4/bunch

Pea Tendrils-$6, limited amounts

Tokyo Bekana- very beautiful light green color with a sweet and crunchy experience.  $4/bunch

Pak Choi- $4/bunch

Mizuna- a light, really tasty Asia green.  Delicate, too $6/bag

Scallions- $3/bunch

Joel and Jen's World Famous Pickles- hey the stock is running down, so it might be gone shortly(not might be-it will!) $8 jar

Famous J and J Apple/Pepper Jam- $7large

Lastly, we're trying to make all this simple.  If its not, let us know because we want to not add any stress to anyone's life.  Please stay safe and smart. 


Joel, Jen and David at Anti Pendemic Farm (Just kidding!)