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Way Too Many Details

Posted 3/31/2020 12:21pm by David Zemelsky.

Dear Gentle Walkers On Our Planet,

A Warning. This letter could go far afield.  If you just want to know how to order and receive our food, skip down a few paragraphs.  OK.  You've been forewarned.

The last two weeks have reminded me that people can astonish me with their goodness.  As for the poor, wretched behavior that we see sometimes-I don't need any reminding about that.  All ready know that one.  And I'd bet a ton of spinach that you've experienced the very same, whether its a stranger that you pass on the road or your neighbors.  There's an uncanny thirst for real care.  And I also know that there's a lot of heroes out there, trying to make a difference in this upside down world.  Really upside down.

I find myself, along with Jen and Joel sitting on an opportunity to  help make a difference.  As I said both last week and the week before.  No one is blinking here.  We're planting food as if there's no tomorrow.  Yesterday, we planted the first 3 rows of tomatoes in the one house that has heat.  Along side of that, Joel keeps putting out rows of lettuce, beautiful beautiful little plants that will be soon (maybe not soon enough) lettuce heads.  Like I said,no blinking here.


Carrot Report: Happy,happy, happy


Newly planted tomatoes.  Seeded January 11th.  They are happy!

I rate our CSA as the easiest and best value out there.  You put your money down first, and then when you're ready to order, just order exactly what you want.  There's a discount for you, too.  If you order at the $100 level, its worth $105.  If you order at the $300 level, its worth $330.  We'll issue you a card (looks like a credit card), but the way things will have to work now is that you tell us what you want  and we'll handle the bookeeping from our end.  If you're a Durham area CSA member and just show up at the shop, email us what you got and we'll deduct from your balance.  If you special order, we'll also handle deducting from your balance.  Easy, easy!

A few weeks ago, Thomas Friedman wrote in the NYT that there's BC and AC. Before Corona and After Corona.  I agree.  Nothing is already the same.  So with that in mind, I'm going to start telling you all the different and specific ways to get our food.  None of its complicated, but without following the guidelines, its going to be hard to do so.  I'll start with the easiest ways and move down to the more complicated (which really isn't that complicated, so don't get nervous!).

Easiest way to get Star Light food is to come visit our self service Farm Shed at 54 Fowler Ave, Durham.  First off, there's a handwashing station there.  Good to know.  We''re keeping this open 7 days a week during daylight hours, although, if you came after dark and had a light, you'd do alright.  There's Joel and Jen's World Famous Pickles and Apple/Pepper Jam and Hot Pickled Peppers.  All revered throughout the  world.  Also salad greens, spinach and claytonia.  There also might be a few surprises.  Payment jar on the table.  Checks ok,too.  Should also mention that we have a constant supply of free spinach for ANYONE who has been negatively affected by this pandemic.  We'd love to be able to help you in this way, if need be.

Next would be special orders of all of the above and a few other things that we don't put out because of its limited shelf life.  That would include radishes, turnips,and a few others.  They'll be listed in the part of the letter that mentions what's available.  Special orders are on Wednesday (with a 8AM Wednesday deadline to order) and Friday/Saturday (with an 8AM Friday deadline for BOTH days.  In other words, for Saturday pick up, the deadline is 8AM Friday, also.  That's because we're off to Farmer's Markets on Saturday, so the special order needs to be put out first thing Saturday).  After reading what's available, just email us what you'd like.  We should send you an email back to acknowledge receiving your order.  Pick up on any of these days is after 2PM.  In your note to us, please be specific about which day you are wanting to pick up.

Another way to get our food is to attend the two Farmer's Markets that we are currently going to.  Durham Farmer's Market will be on Saturday's on the town green from 10AM to 1PM.  Out in the fresh air, people will be keeping a safe distance from each other.  Our stand will be offering our produce in plastic bags.  And all produce is harvested by following Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)- the gold standard for hygiene procedure.

Cityseed Market is also on Saturdays from 10AM to 1PM.  This is a  pre paid/preorder market.  Its been going like this for two weeks and has gotten universal acceptance.  On the cityseed.org website you'll be directed to a place to get a time slot for your pick up.  That's the very first thing to do.  They will not let you onto the site without this.  Very important!  Then go to our website at starlightgardensct.com  At the top right hand corner is a labeled choice that saids  "cityseed market pickup".  Click on that, which will reveal "Available products". Select that.  This will bring you to our easy to operate store, showing everything that we're offering for this week. There'll be a picture  and/or a box for each item that we're selling. Just click on what you like (add to cart).  When you get to check out, you can adjust the amounts.  When you've selected every item that you want click on "save and checkout".  On the next page selected CitySeed as the pick up. Then click "choose and continue".  This will bring you to Check Out.  Fill in your name, email and phone. Again, very important. There's a small box at the bottom. Please put your pick up time in that box.

We've arranged to be part of Paypal.  Even if you aren't a paypal member yourself, they will take your credit card for processing.  The situation is like this.  As of right this very second, we still setting up Paypal. If we can not get Paypall set up in time for this week, we'll call you to get your credit card info over the phone.  But, hopefully in the next day or three, paypal will be up and running.  After that click the "complete checkout" box and you're done.  Its really simple (I could do it!).

It sounds like a lot but its going to be fine.  Granted, it isn't as easy as grabbing your bags and going to market, but its the new reality and we all have to live with it.  I'm just grateful, so very grateful that we have a way to get you your food.  If you'd like me not to put your name on our General Mailing list, let me know that, please.  Please stay safe and act smart.  We all depend on each other for our health now, more than ever.


Lastly, we will need to increase our Cityseed prices by $.50/order, to help with the increase in doing business this way. (extra bagging, extra credit card expense through paypal).  Its nominal, so hopefully everyone will readily understand our need to do this.  Thank you

Finally, here's what's available:

Lets start with Mushrooms:  Our friend and fellow vendor Chris operates the best mushroom business-Seacoast Mushrooms!  A lot of his business has been restaurant orders, so he's looking for other ways to market his mushrooms.  We've offered to sell his mushrooms thru our store.  We're just passing his price along to you.   We do not increase his price.  We're just hoping that some extra business will be of help to him.  As a special order, we can offer these on either Friday or Saturday.  Please let us know which day you're ordering for.  Deadline for this order is 4pm on Wednesday.  Two choices.  $4/ for a 4oz. container of shitakes.  $8 is a mixture that he calls Chef's Choice.  Not available for Cityseed customers, as he will be there himself.

Arugula -finally!  Its going to go fast, I know that already.  Its in limited supply, so first come first served. $6/bag

Glorious Salad Greens-$6bag

Claytonia- hey people,claytonia will be out of season in a few short weeks.  If you've never tried it, do it now!  $6/bag

Spinach- our very best.  Also, glorious. (heck! everything is glorious!) $6/bag

Braising Greens- spicy, succulant and lots of fun $6/bag

Mustard Greens-also spicy.   Also , fun  $4/bunch

Tokyo Bekana- very beautiful light green color with a sweet and crunchy experience.  $4/bunch

Pak Choi- $4/bunch

Mizuna- a light, really tasty Asia green.  Delicate, too $6/bag

Swiss Chard- very limited amount $4/bunch

Large Kale-limited amount $4/bunch

Scallions- $3/bunch

Radishes and Turnips $4

Joel and Jen's World Famous Pickles- hey the stock is running down, so it might be gone shortly(not might be-it will!) $8 jar

Famous J and J Apple/Pepper Jam- $7large

More Famous J and J Hot Pickled Peppers- $7/jar

Thank you, one and all for taking the time to find out what's going on at Star Light.  Please remember that hard times can help remind you about how strong you really are inside.  I hope that everyone stays healthy.


Us At Star Light