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Has Food Ever Been More Important?

Posted 3/24/2020 7:25pm by Joel Smith.

Dear Eaters:Be Gentle,

I know.  Everybody from your bank, your internet provider or your dentist has something important to say about this virus.  I'm only going to say this one thing:  This tiny microscopic thing that isn't even alive,  should convince all of us that the human race is not that powerful or important.  We are all part of one big whole.  Try remembering that next time you're walking down the street while its raining and find a lone worm on the pavement.  Just saying...

I want to emphasize something that was stated earlier.  Star Light is not blinking once about the virus.  Our Good Agricultural Practices are solidly in place.  Our crop plan has not been altered by this crisis.  Producing quality food and lots of it is still our focus.

I'm going to talk about the  Wooster Square Farm Market first.  Those of you who aren't going, can skip ahead a few paragraphs.

Last week's market in New Haven at the Metropolitan Magnet School was stupendous.  Ok.  A little weird, in that socializing was impossible.  However, people were able to get what we were offering, along with several other vendors.  The market is on for this Saturday. Same place and same time.  Pre ordering is the only way to attend.  Read carefully the following information, as our procedure has been refined.

Deadline for ordering CitySeed Market is 8AM on Friday.

You'll need a pick up time from CitySeed before we can process your order.  Very important because we need to control the amount of people that come to the market at any one time.

To order from us, go to our home page at starlightgardensct.com  There are choices above the blog post.  Select  "City Seed Market Pick Up". Its the last one, all the way over on the right. Then select "Available Products".  This will take you to a nice list of everything that is available to you this week.  Scroll down from that and you'll find the usual online look for a store. 

There'll be a picture  and/or a box for each item that we're selling.  If you'd like that item, click on "add to cart". When you've selected every item that you want click on "save and checkout".  On the next page selected CitySeed as the pick up. Then click "choose and continue".  This will bring you to Check Out.  Fill in your name, email and phone.  There's a small box at the bottom. Please put your pick up time in that box. Click the "complete checkout" box and you're done.  Its really simple (I could do it!).

I'm going to call you some time after that and get a credit card number.   This system will help us be more efficient.  Last week we welcomed checks, but that turned out to be more difficult from out end.  I hope that this change will work well for you.  In coming weeks, we'll be working on a way to have you enter your credit card info.  But for now, this is our best shot.   See our list of available products below.  Like last week, there'll be plenty of handwashing stations at the market for your peace of mind (and everyone else's)

There will also be a Farmer's Market in Durham, on the green this Saturday from 10AM-1PM.  We'll be there, also.  Please, if you attend, be responsible for the Social Distance requirement.

Lastly, the shed at the farm at 54 Fowler Avenue will be opened 7 days a week with wonderful greens.  Also, there are many other items  you can special order (we don't want to leave them out for fear of spoilage) for pick up on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  For Wednesday pick up, we'll need your order by 8AM on that day.  For both Friday and Saturday special orders, the deadline is 8AM Friday.

Our offerings this week:

Seacoast Mushrooms- only available on Friday or Saturday. $4/shitake (4oz.)package or $8/chef's blend (8oz.)

Salad Greens, Claytonia, Baby Red Russian Kale,Braising Greens or Spinach. $6/bag

Pea Tendrils- had to put these on a special line so that they didn't get lost amongst the spinach and salad.  These are special! $6/bag

Radishes- $4/bunch

Pak choi- $4/bunch.  New crop and so delicious.

Haukeri Turnips (limited amount.  First come, first serve) $4/bunch

Nagasaki Turnip-purple, similar to Haukeri.  We'll substitute them for you if we run out of Haukeri. $4/bunch

Large Kale- $4/bunch.  Limited amounts, so first come first

Mustard Greens- $4/bunch spicy and beautiful

Koji-another amazing bunched green.  Lots of strong earth flavor here. Not spicy and very crunchy. $4/bunch Limited amount

Jen and Joel's Utterly Famous Pickles-just a tad spicy $8/jar

Hot Pepper/Apple Jam $4/small jar and $7/large

Again, we're offering free spinach to anyone who has been negatively effected by the pandemic. As you enter the shed, there's a box with a free sign on it.  Please, don't be shy.  We're happy to be able to provide something.

Lastly, these are indeed strange times.  Joel, Jen and I are grateful to be able to provide you with this good food.  I  know there's many more steps to getting it, but that's what has to be for now.  To all of you , we wish you safe healthy times. 



PS:  FOR CITYSEED CUSTOMERS ONLY: some of the items that are listed above have not yet been added to the online store.  probably by tomorrow. So, make your orders tomorrow when everything is on.  Thank you