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CitySeed Market To Open This Saturday March 21!!

Posted 3/19/2020 12:16pm by David Zemelsky.

Dear Gentlest of Eaters,

I want to publicly applaud CiySeed for plunging thru countless red tape moments in order to reopen the market this Saturday.  This will look very different that our usual markets.  You'll need to pre order with us (and any other farm that you want to buy from) and also create a pick up time thru the cityseed. org website.  It'll be fun.  Read the website so you know everything.  Trust me, it's going to work out and you'll have your great food too.  A bit of a different scene, but we'll all deal. This information about Cityseed Market does not mean that the farm stand will close.  Its just about how to order the "new way" at the Farmer's Market.

Star Light will be offering for you the following items:

Glorious Salad Greens $6/bag with lettuces, mizzuna, chinese cabbage, baby pak choi

Claytonia-$6 in it's heyday.  Crunchy, sweet and delicious .  Limited season, so don't wait till the last minutes

Baby Kale- pretty and sweet $6/bag

Spinach- $6/bag virtually as sweet as can be.  Cold makes for extra carbohydrates which means SWEET!.

Pea Tendrils- $6/bag world famous at this point.  Taste just like fresh peas.  Also , an awesome pesto can be made.

Braising Greens-spicy and crunchy. Awesome. Red and green looking $6/bag

Radishes- $4/bunch A bit spicy, but not too much.  Beautiful bulbs and grees.  First of the season.

Mustard Greens-spicy! $4/bunch

Koji- a beautiful cousin of tatzoi $4/bunch

Haukeri Turnips-  $4/bunch Crunchy and stupendous taste.  Can be eaten raw, too.  Limited supply.  First come, first serve.

Jen and Joel's World Famous Pickles (ok, maybe a bit over the top, but still, they are great!) $8 jar

J and J's equally famous Apple Hot Pepper Jam- Its universally accepted-this stuff is the best! $4/small and $7 / large

Those of you who are CSA members, we'll have taken your purchase for the market off already.  No need to bring your card.

Two  more things and then I'll let you go.  We are a true and safe source for real food.  All of which has been harvested according to the strict GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) Guidelines.  We aren't going anywhere, so you can count on us for great food now and into the season.

The other thing I wanted  to mention is our CSA card.  Along with getting great food, you can save money by buying ahead.  Send us a check for $100 and we'll give you a card worth $105.  For $300, the card will be worth $330. Its something serious to consider, yes?

I'll be delighted to see all of you on Saturday.  Its hard to realize that there won't be the usual opportunity to converse with you and the rest of your family.  We're grateful for all of you and your support.  Star Light is going to do everything possible to make sure that the great food keeps coming your way.

Stay safe.  Remember the guidelines.  Try Vitamin C, too.



PS The winter carrots are growing SO well.  I'll try to send a photo next week.