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Game On!

Posted 3/16/2020 3:20pm by David Zemelsky.

Hello Gentle Eaters,

We've clearly made a decision at Star Light.  We're going to keep on doing exactly what we've always been doing.  That is, grow an impressive amount and great quality of food.  Easily, we could look at what's ahead and say that we should be more conservative and grow less.  But we're not.  We're taking the position that by one way or another, we'll figure out a great way for people to get our food.  End of story.

To that end, the store will keep on being open 7 days a week. SO TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS!  Additionally, we'll continue to do special orders except that you'll be able (for now) to special order on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Even though the store will be open 7 days a week, we recommend that you keep ordering rather than just show up at the shed.  There are some items that you can only get  by ordering.    Radishes, koji and turnips. These items wouldn't be that happy staying on there for too long. OH, and pea tendrils!  You have to try pea tendrils. Fresh and crunchy.  They taste exactly like fresh peas.  The other good thing about continuing to order is that you'll get what you want.  There's always the possibility of running out of what's on the shelf for people who just stop in.

Our harvest methods are one hundred percent consistent with  the standards set forth by the CDC.  And we plan to have a hand washing station at the farm stand for your convenience.

Our CSA offer has really gotten going in a positive way.  Send us a check for either $100 or $300 and you'll be able to get an extra $5 worth of food for the $100 level or $30 for the $300 level.

Here's a last minute development!  SeaCoast Mushroom from Stonington  is an extraordinary grower. from  They sell mostly to Farmer's Markets and restaurants.  We asked him if he'd like to sell his mushrooms thru our farm stand since so many of his regular customers are currently shut down.  He really liked the idea.  So if interested, he's offering a shitake mushroom $4/4oz. or a chef's mix $8/8oz.  When you make your order, just include the mushroom order along with everything else.  They are awesome!

So here's what's available for ordering this week.  This would be for either a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday pick up.  Send us an email by 8AM on the day you're going to pick up. 

Salad Greens, Claytonia, Baby Red Russian Kale,Braising Greens or Spinach. $6/bag

Pea Tendrils- had to put these on a special line so that they didn't get lost amongst the spinach and salad.  These are special! $6/bag

Radishes- $4/bunch

Turnips (limited amount on these.  First come, first serve) $4/bunch

Large Kale- $4/bunch

Mustard Greens- $4/bunch spicy and beautiful

Koji-another amazing bunched green.  Lots of strong earth flavor here. Not spicy and very crunchy. $4/bunch

Jen and Joel's Utterly Famous Pickles-just a tad spicy $8/jar

Hot Pepper/Apple Jam $4/small jar and $7/large

Again, we're offering free spinach to anyone who has been negatively effected by the pandemic. 

We appreciate you're enthusiasm for Star Light food.  Humbly, I say that your enthusiasm is well founded.  Good food springs out of our deep dedication to being good stewards of the land.  We're trying, anyway.  Tell friends. Like us on Facebook or even better share with us your ideas about how to let people know we're out there.

Namaste and Stay Healthy!

The People Component of Star Light