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If I Can't Find Toilet Paper At Stop N Shop Then At Least I Can Be Creative

Posted 3/13/2020 2:36pm by David Zemelsky.


Been to the supermarkets lately?  Its a wake up call.  People are buying toilet paper, sanitizers and steaks in record numbers.  I personally saw an individual load up on what looked like a year supply of toilet paper.  Now, I know that no one wants to read that word when you're expecting to hear things about good food.  But these are uncommon times.  To say the least. 

I'd like to share some of my own thoughts about what's in front of us.  Not that I can or would want to predict the future.  But just some thoughts as I stood in the check out line pondering a new world-one that will be forever unchanged from here on.

The strongest thought that I had is that we are all here together on this planet and that are best way of coping with the new world in front of us is to cooperate.  We can be aware if our next door neighbor is ok.  Is the rest of your family doing ok?  Are there things that I can do for someone else that would be of help.  As a nation, we've not been brought up to think this way but more towards taking care of oneself first.  I should be careful here to note that there's a fine line about this.  In order for any of us to keep our children safe, we need to make sure that we are ok ourselves.  I go back to the instructions on the airplane before takeoff about passenger safety, where we're being directed to make sure our oxygen mask is working so that we can then, in turn, take care of our children's safety for the long run.  Makes sense.

So that lands me right away into the good food conversation.  Star Light has a number of things in mind to help you and help us.  This is the cooperation part. You get our very best food and we get wonderful customers.  Two of our biggest sources of revenue, Farmer's Market and restaurants have suddenly stopped or gotten less.  But, we are loaded with extraordinary produce and a convenient place to sell it.  Here's our idea: We'll keep the shed stocked with food all the time for at least the present time.  That means 7 days a week.  If you come after dark, bring your light.  Those of you who are cardholders should also come whenever you want, just email us what you bought and we'll take it off your card from our end.  No need to use the card for this.  That would be unnecessary.  Just tell us what you took.

We'll have the following:

Salad Greens, Claytonia, Spinach and Braising Greens $6/bag

We'll still be offering a Friday ordering, which will include radishes, pak choi and turnips.  Its just that radishes and pak choi won't  be happy for a longer period of time out in the shed.

Lastly, we'd like to offer free spinach to anyone who has  been negatively impacted by this pandemic. Just come to the shed at 54 Fowler(starting Saturday). We're going to offer this for at least the next two weeks. We trust you.  My only request is that you look around and find someone else who could use your help.  They are out there-maybe a friend or a neighbor.

Stay healthy and don't forget to keep your immune system in good shape.  Lots of Vitamin C, D3, Magnesium, Iron.  All these things will help ward off many health issues.

Tell your friends about our store.

Have a great week

Your Star Light Gardens People