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Bright Thoughts

Posted 2/25/2020 7:55am by David Zemelsky.

I am really happy that we've changed how we do our CSA.  The best part is that I'll know that every week, our members will get exactly what they want.  It seems that everyone wins in this configuration.  My inclination, as a farmer was to obsess a bit on whether everyone would like what we had to offer them each week.  It could be stressful.  Now, people are able to pick out their own choices.  I'm happy and so are the people who've joined up.  Another plus is that members are getting a discount.  Oh, and a plus for the farmer is that they're getting a better cash flow, something very important at this time of year.

If you'd like to try our CSA, you can join for $100.  We'll offer you $105 worth of food at that level.  For $300, we'll add $30 to the worth of your membership.  This seems like a very cool deal because besides saving dollars, you are making yourself available to consume  really great vegetables.  It is important to remember that our mind and body are really just part of a greater whole.  Think of them as one and then the importance of consuming wholesome, organic food becomes goal number one. 

If interested, send your checks to Star Light Gardens/54 Fowler Ave./Durham, CT 06422.  Thank you.

This week we'll have radishes again!.  They are such a welcome crunch anytime. $4/bunch

Salad, Claytonia (if you haven't tried it, now's a great time.  The crop is still very strong)and Spinach $6/bag

Swiss Chard-$3/bunch Limited supply

Kale-$3/bunch Limited supply

Chinese Cabbage $3.50/bunch

Jen and Joel's Awesome Pickles $8/jar

Their Just as Awesome Apple/Pepper Jam $7/large and $4/small

One last package of our Dried Sun Gold Tomatoes $5/package

One last thing.  We're doing great on making early carrots available.  My best estimate at this point is that they'll be ready by Mother's Day.  I'm going to try to send to you pictures of their progress.  The picture below was actually taken in a different year.  But, the size is very close.

I hope you have a great week.  Write, or call with any questions or comments






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