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Spring, grafted Tomatoes and well fed Rabbits

Posted 2/20/2020 8:57am by Joel Smith.

   On a morning as beautiful as today it is impossible not to feel as though Spring is just around the corner.  This even more so for one who passionately cultivates the earth.  Yet, we would be wise to remember that it's still a ways off and weather these days seems more unpredictable than ever.  One must be ready. Outside the houses there are many low tunnels in the fields which allowed us to have quite the bounty in the fall, with the added benefit of keeping these spots dry and protected.  Soon we can work these soils transplanting some early crops with the low tunnels going back in place to protect against any late season winter weather.  Spring is saying hi with the first of this years flowers along with the garlic enthusiastically poking there heads above ground and to be honest we are about as excited as they are. 

   Enthusiasm is all around the farm, the basement is brimming with starts and we should be firing up the newly expanded nursery this week.  Within that nursery lies a smaller room which we are using as a healing chamber for grafted Tomatoes.  Our test run has been successful and we are ready to begin our real grafts as early as next week.  If you are unfamiliar with grafting stay tuned, in the weeks to come we'll be updating you with our progress and photos( I promise).

Other maybe now not so enthusiastic characters around the farm include the two well fed rabbits that have been enjoying the season extension benefits of our high tunnels and the delicious taste our winter spinach.  They were pretty big good looking rabbits which apparently get some black striping in the winter as camouflage.  Not too worry though around here the have a heart trap is our tool of choice and said rabbits have been relocated to join the countless wood chucks that have a taste for fresh organic veggies.

I guess you can't blame them for having good taste, incase you are also in the mood for some winter spinach or anything else we have please email us back your order by 8AM on Thursday.  You're order will be waiting for you at the shed infront of 54 Fowler ave, after dark, bring a light.  Its easy.  Also, if the weather is too cold, we'll move the store into the front hall of the house.

And a word about our newly configured CSA.  You'll get exactly what you pick out every week.  And at a discount, too.  Send us $100 and you'll get $105 worth of food.  For $300, you'll be able to enjoy an extra $30.  Additionally, we've added a card for you to use that is loaded with the amount of money that you bought from us.  Those of you at the market already, we'll give you your card right away and others will be able to have theirs when the Durham Market opens in May.  We've done CSA for years, and this flexible system makes the most sense and give us a good feeling that we'll be able to get you the food exactly that you want.  If interested, please send your checks to Star Light/54 Fowler Ave./Durham, CT 06422

This week we'll have: Braising Greens, Claytonia, Salad Greens and Spinach -$6/bag  Also available Red Russian Kale

Tatzoi Bunches, awesome for both salads and a quick braise $3/50/bunch

Chinese Cabbage-again, both for salads or a quick braise- $3.50/bunch

Jen and Joel's Awesome Pickles- a hint of hot spicy to it -$8/jar

Apple Pepper Jam- another hint of hot $7/large jar or $4/small jar

Pickled Peppers- $7/jar

Thanks Again