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Good Seeds

Posted 2/11/2020 7:50am by David Zemelsky.


What I mean by "good seeds" is that each of us has an enormous amount of great ideas, great feelings and great compassion in this world.  And when we show that or share that with others, its like planting seeds in the earth.  If the right things are  available for these seeds, then plants will grow, flourish and create more seeds.

Not unlike what we do on the farm.  Here we get (or have saved) good seeds from past years.  When the conditions are right, we put those seeds in the ground and encourage them to grow.  We already know that the groundwork has already been done before hand.  I mean, good compost, good texture and adequate moisture for the soil.  With care, love and compassion these seeds begin on their journey to maturity.  First the cotyledon appears-a promise of things to come.  This is followed by the first true leaves.  And after that much involvement of subsequent leaves, stems-you know the drill.  Eventually, the plant produces something that we can all eat, whether its a cucumber, tomato, pepper or whatever.  And if left alone after that, the plant will produce seeds for the future.  Every plant has this precious goal in mind-to keep reproducing for future generations.   To me, this is special behind belief.

There's a flip side to this story-and not a pretty one too.  However, we can learn so much from the flip side.  Ok.  We were just now talking about good seeds that we plant in the ground both psychologically and in reality.  Besides these positive things that we can do, we can't forget that other feelings are just as easily "planted".  I'm talking about anger, fear, jealousy to name a few.  Like good seeds, once these more negative feelings are planted around us, whether its between family or friends,  these seeds, too can begin to grow and eventually make more seeds.  Once anger is planted, its hard to rid the soil around us of it.  And the longer it stays in the ground, the harder it is to be rid of it. 

So, when one is aware of anger or some other hard feeling, it is important to look deeply at the cause of the anger and see if there's a way get at its root cause. And by the way, while doing farming, it is just as easy to  allow long standing problems to develop in the soil.  Problems  will fester for seasons to come if the farmer doesn't look deeply at the cause and help it to go away.

At Star Light, we're always striving to make sure that we plant and encourage the growth of good seeds both in our hearts and in the soil.  I know all must sound a little "off" from what gets usually talked about here, but I really take all of this very seriously both on and off the field.

Below is a great stand of baby baby carrots.  This is very exciting!  I'm hoping for a Mother's Day harvest.  We'll see.  I'll send update pictures in the upcoming weeks so you can follow their progress.


Spring is making a good comeback right now.  With the daylight now going over 10 hours, the Persephone Period is officially over.  I can see stands of baby lettuce, baby carrots and radishes really begin to start developing.

This does not change that the list is the same length it was last week-a bit on the short side.  However, what we do have is crisp, succulent and incredibly sweet and full of taste.  If you'd like something please email us back your order by 8AM on Thursday.  You're order will be waiting for you at the shed infront of my house at 54 Fowler Ave. by 2pm on Friday.  Self service.  If you come after dark, bring a light.  Its easy.  Also, if the weather is too cold, we'll more the store into the front hall of my house.

And a word about our newly configured CSA.  You'll get exactly what you pick out every week.  And at a discount, too.  Send us $100 and you'll get $105 worth of food.  For $300, you'll be able to enjoy an extra $30.  Additionally, we've added a card for you to use that is loaded with the amount of money that you bought from us.  Those of you at the market already, we'll give you your card right away and others will be able to have theirs when the Durham Market opens in May.  We've done CSA for years, and this flexible system makes the most sense and give us a good feeling that we'll be able to get you the food exactly that you want.  If interested, please send your checks to Star Light/54 Fowler Ave./Durham, CT 06422

This week we'll have: Braising Greens, Claytonia, Salad Greens and Spinach -$6/bag

Tatzoi Bunches, awesome for both salads and a quick braise $3/50/bunch

Chinese Cabbage-again, both for salads or a quick braise- $3.50/bunch

Jen and Joel's Awesome Pickles- a hint of hot spicy to it -$8/jar

Apple Pepper Jam- another hint of hot $7/large jar or $4/small jar

Pickled Peppers- $7/jar