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The Rant

Posted 2/3/2020 11:35am by David Zemelsky.

Hello Eaters,

For some reason my non subject email from last week brought more responses than any before.  I should mention that responding to my emails is gratifying, so if you read something that strikes a chord, by all means, write back.  Because almost all of us use computers all  the time, my experience of losing all my work was familiar to you-hence all the responses.   But now, I'll circle back and try to create again what got lost in the world of cyberspace from last week.

Last week, I was reading the Ct Northeast  Organic Farmer's Association newsletter (CT NOFA).  The premier article was about growing greens in the Winter.  The cover picture was of a farmer in her hoop house tending to the crop of greens that she had growing.  The article was suggesting that she was only one of very few people who grew this way.  This is where my "rant" started. 

There actually are several farms in CT that are interested in growing "on the backside of the calendar" , Star Light sitting very prominently in the top tier.  Not bragging here, just reporting.  But here does come the bragging.  Although we didn't invent off season growing, we were the first in CT to make a serious effort at it.  I'm very proud of our forward looking approach.  Our model has inspired many, many farms throughout New England to try growing food in "the off season".  Your ability to get fresh greens in January-April is a direct result of this effort. 

I'd totally have to give Ty full credit for pushing both of us into this venture.  The popular story is that we were hoping to develop some kind of a business out of our home.  We focused on  farming when we learned from a neighbor about the pioneering of Eliot Coleman up in Maine, along the cold, windy and rugged coast.  Eliot, graciously showed us around his farm and warned us both not to quit our day jobs.  (Neither one of us listened!)  Turns out that growing great food for Winter use makes for a great business.  This year, 2020 marks out twentieth year.  Very sadly,Ty, as many of you know developed cancer and died (almost two years ago this Valentine's Day).  So I ask of you to to remember how her willingness to take chances has resulted in being able to offer you great food every month of the year.

I think we're  onto something very positive with our CSA.  Simply put, we'll set you up with a "bank account' of sorts.  Send us a check for $100 and we'll give you $105 worth of food.  $300? We'll give you $330 worth of food. The Farmer's Market people who be getting a credit card that has a running total of your balance on it.  When you get your food at the market, you'll scan the card and in this way, we;ll know your balance.  The Durham people will also get a card once the market begins in May.  In the meantime, we'll just keep a running total-much like what we did last year.  Send your checks to Star LIght/54 Fowler Ave. /Durham, CT 06422

Store will be ready after 2pm on FRIDAY, as usual.  Please don't forget to pick up your order.  Send in your order by replying to this email by 8AM on Thursday.

Our list is a tad shorter this week, but not for long! With longer days, our crops are beginning to pick up speed and grow faster.

Salad Greens, Spinach,Arugual, Claytonia and Braising Greens- $6/bag

Chinese Cabbage - $3.50/head

Radishes- $4/bunch

Joel and Jen's Famous (well I think so) Pickles-just a tad on the hot side $8/jar

Apple Pepper Jam- Pepper , as in hot.  This jam is also just a tad spicy. $7/ and $4

Hot Pickled Peppers- $7/jar

A few frozen gingers- last of the season. $5/piece.

Have a healthy peaceful week