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Wrong Button

Posted 1/28/2020 7:39am by David Zemelsky.

The shortness of this note is a result of me hitting the wrong key and erasing everything that I'd been working on for the past 40  minutes.  So, as a result you won't hear my ranting about something.  Maybe next week.  But that wont' stop me from offering up to you more of the same amazing "Winter Warrior" crops this week.  The very same.  Here's the list:

Home Made Awesome Pickles- a bit spicy, but not over the top.  $8/jar

Apple Hot Pepper Jam-a recipe developed right here by Jen and Joel.  $4/small jar $7/large jar

Frozen Turmeric - $5 piece

Frozen Ginger- $5/piece

Dried Juliet Tomatoes-for salads, when you want something special.  Sort of like raisins, cause they're sweet.  They actually taste better than almost any fresh tomato that you'd pick up at Stop N Shop.  $5/oz.

Spinach, Arugula, Braising Greens, Salad Greens-$6/bag

Claytonia- also $6/bag.  I'm putting this separately to highlight claytonia.  Beautiful, succulent and delicious, this green stands out above all others in the Winter.  You'll never see it until it gets cold.  It has earned the title of Winter Warrior at Star LIght because it will survive, no thrive, in the coldest of situations.  Here is a picture.

Over the years, I've introduced this special greens to so many people.  They become fans and start asking for it by name weeks before we're able to harvest it.  Highly recommended.

Radishes and Haukeri Turnips $4/bunch.  Both incredibly outstanding!

Lastly, we're sticking with our concept of Community Sustained Agriculture by offering you great discounts on future sales.  The original CSA model will get you a box of whatever we're growing in any given week.  Our more flexible idea is that you pick out what you want each week.  IF you choose to join, you'll give us a specific amount of money and we'll track your sales for you AND give you a discount on the food that you want.  If you send us $100, we'll give you a 5% added amount of food.  If you send us $300, we'll make that 10%.  If you want to save even more, send us a note and we'll talk.  We'll be tracking your sales for now in the same way, but eventually, we're going all out modern with gift cards that we'll give to you.  They can be preloaded with money.  More of that later.  For now, if you'd like to save money on real food, send us a check for either $100 or $300 and your savings will start right then and there.  Address is: 54 Fowler Avenue/Durham, CT 06422.  Make checks payable to Star Light Gardens

As always, thank you for supporting Star Light.

Have a great week!