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Posted 1/13/2020 11:04am by David Zemelsky.

Magic?  I could come up with a hundred things in our everyday life that are magic.  Maybe a thousand.  How about our DNA?  The life of a monarch butterfly? A smile on a young child's face?  A smile on your dog's face (for real!)? But right now, I'm thinking of the Winter magic of what we grow at Star Light.

I always tell people that we always have fresh things for sale in every month of the year.  This is usually a surprise to them.  But those of you who've been with us for numerous years-you know already that this is what we do.  For instance, at the Wooster Square Winter Farmer's Market this past Saturday we had salad, spinach, claytonia, braising greens, arugula, hakeuri turnips, Rover and French Breakfast Radish.  Not to mention, pickles, dried tomatoes and frozen turmeric and ginger.  Quiet a haul, really! Here is a picture of what part of the display table looked like.

Talking about roots, brings me to carrots.  We're going to have them for you early this year, with a bit of luck and skill.  We followed a special formula on planting late in 2019 in order to have carrots by Mother's Day in 2020.  You start with the date in the year when the length of day goes above 10 hours. (January 29th).  Then you go 12 weeks before that,which is November 6th.  That's your planting date.  If you go too soon, then your carrots will unfortunately mostly go to seed and be inedible.  Germination at this time of year is SLOW but it does happen.  Now we have the beginnings of a crop.  Here's what these baby baby carrot plants look like right now:

So having said all that.  We're going to begin selling at the shed starting this Friday.  If it is super cold, we'll move the store to the front of my house.  You'll know if its too cold because when you arrive at the shed and see nothing, just figure that its inside the house.   Pick up will be FRIDAY (yes, I know we keep changing the day, but for good reasons each time!).  Order should be in by 8AM on THURSDAY. We'll need your orders by then because we expect colder temperatures by the end of the week. Pick up after 2pm, Friday

We'll have for you this week the following items:

Frozen Turmeric - $5 piece

Frozen Ginger- $5/piece

Spinach, Arugula, Braising Greens, Salad Greens-$6/bag

Claytonia- also $6/bag.  I'm putting this separately to highlight claytonia.  Beautiful, succulent and delicious, this green stands out above all others in the Winter.  You'll never see it until it gets cold.  It has earned the title of Winter Warrior at Star LIght because it will survive, no thrive, in the coldest of situations.  Here is a picture.

Over the years, I've introduced this special greens to so many people.  They become fans and start asking for it by name weeks before we're able to harvest it.  Highly recommended.

Radishes and Haukeri Turnips $4/bunch.  Both incredibly outstanding!

Lastly, we're sticking with our concept of Community Sustained Agriculture by offering you great discounts on future sales.  The original CSA model will get you a box of whatever we're growing in any given week.  Our more flexible idea is that you pick out what you want each week.  IF you choose to join, you'll give us a specific amount of money and we'll track your sales for you AND give you a discount on the food that you want.  If you send us $100, we'll give you a 5% added amount of food.  If you send us $300, we'll make that 10%.  If you want to save even more, send us a note and we'll talk.  We'll be tracking your sales for now in the same way, but eventually, we're going all out modern with gift cards that we'll give to you.  They can be preloaded with money.  More of that later.  For now, if you'd like to save money on real food, send us a check for either $100 or $300 and your savings will start right then and there.  Address is 54 Fowler Avenue/Durham, CT 06422

As always, thank you for supporting Star Light.

Have a great week!