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Snow In Vermont

Posted 12/2/2019 2:20pm by David Zemelsky.

This is a short few sentences about wishing for what I don't have.  Earlier, while talking with my sister who lives in Brattleboro, I discovered that the town got wacked with tons of snow.  Everything came to a stop, apparently and the grandchildren (who live in back of her) were going nuts.  Jealousy.  It really isn't that far to Brattleboro.  But whatever it is, it seems always just enough north to assure some good snow.  Which I really like.  Now, not all of you might share this love and I respect that.  So as I sit down to write you about what we do have, it makes me mindful of what I'm missing.  AND, in saying that it brings to mind how grateful I am to have what I have.

OK.  Plenty to choose from this week.  True, I'm putting on our best face about what there is, but truly, its just wonderful that you can get freshly harvested greens that are grown within a few miles of where you live.  With the cold weather, we'll need a bigger lead time to harvest our vegetables.  So let us know by 8AM on Wednesday (not Thursday).  Your order will be waiting after 2pm on Thursday in the shed.  Money in the Payment Jar.  Bring a light if you come after dark.

Salad, Arugula and Spinach- $6/bag

Kale and Swiss Chard-$4/bunch

Radishes - $4/bunch

Lettuce Heads- $3/head

Haukeri Turnips- $4/bunch

Celeriac-  otherwise known as Celery Root.  Great for soups and salads $3/a bunch

New This Week! Sun-Dried Tomatoes/  a very excellent stocking stuffer $5/bag

Jen and Joel's Pickles $8/jar.  You will like these.  Also hot peppers

Apple Hot Pepper Jam $7/big jar $4/small jar.  Again, Jen and Joel Brand

Have a great week and make sure you know where your snow shovel is.