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Don't Forget The Salad!

Posted 11/25/2019 4:11am by David Zemelsky.

The pluses of Thanksgiving are enormous for me.  They mostly center around my gratitude for good health, family and shelter.  I think the pilgrims were probably thinking the same thing  AND, I will have to share that there's a dark side of this holiday for me.  It was the beginning of a terrible relationship with the Native born Indians that was marked by broken promises, violence upon a whole race and the taking up of Native land.  We're still feeling the repercussions of all of this today.  It needs to be noted along with the wonderful gatherings that will be attended in the days ahead.

We'll be offering food this week with a pick up on Wednesday after 2PM.  Same deal, only a day earlier.  Get your orders to us by NOON on Tuesday.

Here's the list:

Salad Greens , Braisiing Greens, Spinach and Arugula- $6/bag

Big Kale and Swiss Chard-$4/bunch

Radishes and Turnips- $4/bunch

Lettuce Heads- $3/head

Garlic- $3.50/head

Carrots- $5/bunch

Turmeric- $3/piece

Bok Choi- $4/bunch

All of us wish you a wonderful Holiday.