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Microbes Are Talking To Each Other?

Posted 10/29/2019 9:53am by David Zemelsky.

There's a loud, robust conversation going on right below our feet.  Not in the usual sense of the word of "loud", because you won't be able to hear loud noises if you put your ears to the dir10/lb.10/lb.  Loud, in the sense that once you realize what's going on,  you'll feel like you hear what's going on.  Soil is an amazing  thing to contemplate.  It is literally alive and teaming with life.  Some of it you can see in the form of worms, other burrowing insects, small rodents etc.  But in sheer numbers, the microbial life in one cubic foot of soil would range in the millions or millions of millions.  Each of one of them has a specific and important job to do in keeping the health of the soil alive.  This is Nature at its most important and sacred levels, trying to keep the planet healthy.  These millions of microscopic living creatures  want to be able to make the environment that they live in the best possible place for living plants and trees to survive in.  If people could cooperate with each other at 1/100 the level that  these invisible creatures operate at,  I would venture to say that all of societies major problems would be solved.  Let me name but a few of the important jobs that all these under the ground creatures accomplish.  First off, the worms and other burrowing creatures create pathways for water and other nutrients to be distributed throughout the soil.  Other microbes affix themselves to plant roots providing them with an easy access to micronutrients and nitrogen to put  to good use in their own photosynthesis  factories operating topside.  Further, there are very sophisticated microbes that can help transmit information to fellow plants in the event of an attack by some unwelcomed pest.  The information gets transmitted electrically.  Go figure.  On a bigger scale, trees can correspond to each other if a unwanted predator and be able to create an actual scent that makes the tree undesireable to intruders.  What I"m describing is just the beginning of the story.  I encourage you to surf the web or go to the library to further this knowledge.  I, for one, am just at the beginning of it all.  Maybe for starter, try "The Secret Life of Trees".  It'll get you thinking-I promise.

Still harvesting everything from outside plantings.  A hard killing frost must be right around the corner.  Its officially late, as of this writing.  We've put up the small hoops, and there's plenty of row cover to protect the plants from frost for another 3-5 degrees.  But sooner or later, they'll get wacked with a serious freeze.  We'll talk in a week or two about how some plants manage to overcome cold.

Before mentioning the available produce for this week, I want to run the following idea up your flagpole.  We'll be offering a modified CSA plan for the rest of the year to anyone interested.  This will be CSA a la Star Light, strictly speaking.  You can buy for $50, $60 worth of our produce.  That's a 20% savings.  Nothing to sign up for, just send us a check.  You could also do $100 and get $120 worth of produce.  Once we have your check, we'll be able to take your order every week, tract your purchases and let you know what your balance is.  Order whatever you want.  If you want to order it all in potatoes or ginger that's fine,too.  Whatever you see on our list.  Mail your checks to Star Light at 54 Fowler Ave./Durham, CT 06422.  This is the best way to get local, organic produce at the best price.

Here's our list.  The Durham and Madison Markets are now closed for the season.  Except that there'll be a POP UP Market in Madison on November 22 2-5pm.  Our shed is a great place to come pick up our very fresh food.  Just look over the list and let us know by 8AM on this Thursday.  Your order will be waiting in the shed after 2pm on Thursday.  Bring a light if you're coming after dark.  Payment goes in the payment jar.

NEW this week!-Sweet Potatoes.  They're what we all need to live by! $5/lb

Braising Green- a really big bag for $6.  Probably twice the usual weight.  We're going to just get the biggest handful possible and call it a day.

NEW! Braising Green Kits.  Complete with everything needed for a stir fry.  Braising Greens, onion, carrot, pak choi and maybe a surprise or two.  $10

Salad Greens- with mizuna, a variety of lettuces, baby kale $6/bag

Arugula-  $6/bag

Baby Kale- for salad or an elegant side dish, lightly wilted $6/bag

Spinach- green green and full of iron and goodness- $6/bag

Pea Tendrils- again, they're best now.  For  pea tendril pesto and Asian cooking $6/bag

Carrots-  $5/bunch

Radishes- ditto.  French Breakfast, Rover, Watermelon (a big favorite) and Lobo $4/bunch

Hakeuri and Namasaki (a deep purple) Turnips-  What's most amazing about both of these kinds of turnips is that they are even better to eat raw, sliced up for salads.  Roasting works well, too $4/bunch

Bok Choi- $3.50/bunch

Leeks-big on both size and flavor $4/bunch

Jen's Flower Bouquet- $8

Big Kale, Swiss Chard, Collards- $4/bunch

Peruvian and French Fingerling Potatoes-newly dug! $5/lb

Ginger- our ginger is so aromatic and delicious!  Nothing at all like you'd find at the supermarket $5/piece

Turmeric- it turns out that everyone wants turmeric for inflamation, general health and a grand tea  $6/piece

Parsley and Cilantro- more beautiful than I can describe.  Both herbs can kick up any dish at least 4 notches $2/bunch

Beets- $4/lb

Garlic- $3.50/head

Green Tower Lettuce Heads- $3.50/each. NEW! Crunchy, and very full of flavor

Peppers- $5/lb

Hot Peppers-$5/lb

Tomatoes-still way way better than anything from the supermarket $4/lb

Onions- $3/lb

Next week, my intention is to talk about late late planting of carrots.  They are the best!

Have a great week,