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Local And Happy

Posted 10/15/2019 10:27am by David Zemelsky.

Before I get started, I feel that its important to share with you that NOW is the very best time to enjoy greens from Star Light.  Our greens are outstanding all year long, but they are most outstanding in the Fall.  The mustards, the spinach, the salads, the kale and chard etc- all our designed to knock your socks off just as effectively as the tomatoes can in the Summer.

A few weeks ago, the Durham Library sponsored a potluck supper as part of a bigger move to promote the "one book one durham" concept.  The potluck was intended to underline the theme of the book called "This Is Where You Belong" by Melody Warnick. This book is all about making your immediate surroundings, including local businesses so much more important and satisfying then they currently are in your life.  Yes, its about buying local and yet so much more.  Its about the wisdom of putting your dollars into a local choice and helping to keep those dollars within the community.  Its also about how your life quality changes for the better when you are more connected to all the other immediate people close at hand. 

I'll give you a quick example of that.  My daughter in law in Northampton, MA is at home with the two small kids.  She needed to bring the car to get the oil changed at the service station, which is located at the end of her block.  On the phone to the mechanic she said that she'd bring the car down but wasn't sure, with two little kids how to accomplish that.  "No problem! Just leave the keys in the car, and I'll walk down and pick it up".  Such a simple, perfect solution.  She wouldn't have gotten this kind of service from Jiffy Lube!

Its just a small beautiful fact that when you interact with those immediately around you, they know who you are and are more interested in trying to make things work better for you. 

There are also problems with thinking along this model.  True, the local hardware store  owner may know your kids and your kids kids, but that doesn't change the fact that a hammer will probably cost more there than at a box store.  For people on a very tight budget,(which is most of us!), that would be the factor that weights the heaviest often.  Its a deliema that we all face.  In the long run, keeping our dollars local helps preserve the immediate experience of your environment not being flooded with corporate entities.

Buying organic locally grown food works the same way.  Its more expensive than Stop N Shop on the one hand.  But it is fresher, more tasty (a fact, not just an opinion!), less of a carbon footprint and the growing practices are environmentally friendly.  Plus, by supporting your local farmer, you're helping to keep the dollars earned right here in our community, as opposed to surrendering your dollars to a big corporate box store.

It is not too late to participate in this "One Book One Durham" event at the Durham Library.  There's a book discussion this coming Monday (10/21) 7:30pm or Saturday (10/26) at 11am.  I hope to go, and hope to see you there.

We'll be at three Farmer's Markets this week.  Durham on Thursdays from 3-6, Madison on Friday from 3-6 and Wooster Square on Saturday from 9-1pm.

If you're ordering from us for the first time, our system is easy.  Just email what you want from the list below.  Deadline for ordering is 8AM on Thursday.  We'll process your order and have it waiting for you in our shed after 2pm on Thursday.  If you come after work and its dark, just use your light on your phone!  Or bring a light.

As I mentioned above.  Greens are at the top of their game at this time of the year.

Salad Greens- with mizuna, a variety of lettuces, baby kale $6/bag

Arugula- not to be boring, but this is arugula's moment to really shine $6/bag

Baby Kale- for salad or an elegant side dish, lightly wilted $6/bag

Spinach- green green and full of iron and goodness- $6/bag

Pea Tendrils- again, they're best now.  For  pea tendril pesto and Asian cooking $6/bag

Braising Greens- a lot of hearty zesty mustards, mizuna for an awesome side vegetable dish $6/bag.  Seriously.  You should try these!

Carrots- boring to say cause I'm being so repetitive, but carrots are most sweet and crunchy right now $5/bunch

Radishes- ditto.  French Breakfast, Rover, Watermelon (a big favorite) and Lobo $4/bunch

Hakeuri and Namasaki (a deep purple) Turnips-  What's most amazing about both of these kinds of turnips is that they are even better to eat raw, sliced up for salads.  Roasting works well, too $4/bunch

Pak or Bok Choi- $3.50/bunch

Leeks-big on both size and flavor $4/bunch

Jen's Flower Bouquet- $8

Big Kale, Swiss Chard, Collards- $4/bunch

Peruvian and French Fingerling Potatoes-newly dug! $5/lb

Ginger- our ginger is so aromatic and delicious!  Nothing at all like you'd find at the supermarket $5/piece

Turmeric- it turns out that everyone wants turmeric for inflamation, general health and a grand tea  $6/piece

Parsley and Cilantro- more beautiful than I can describe.  Both herbs can kick up any dish at least 4 notches $2/bunch

Beets- $4/lb

Garlic- $3.50/head

Green Tower Lettuce Heads- $3.50/each. NEW! Crunchy, and very full of flavor

Lemon Grass- $3/bunch

Peppers- $5/lb

Hot Peppers-$5/lb

Tomatoes-still way way better than anything from the supermarket $7/lb

Onions- $3/lb