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Posted 8/27/2019 10:09am by David Zemelsky.

Big Decision got made a few months ago, that I've not shared with you until now.  I'm going traveling on September15 and will be gone for two weeks.  Now, from a food point of view there's nothing to worry about.  Joel and Jen have everything in hand.  Well in hand.

For those of you interested (I would be!), I'm going to the Shetland Islands off the North coast of Scotland.  For reasons that are virtually impossible for me to explain, I've been drawn to northern destinations for quite some time.  In 1989 and 99, we took trips to Newfoundland, which was totally wonderful.  As you can see by the dates , I don't get out too much.  My attraction to Shetland goes way back beyond those mysteries that most of us watched on Public Television. (They actually weren't filmed in Shetland!).  Thanks for some research and help from friends, I've located a friendly farm that would happy for me to visit while there.  And there'll be plenty photos of more than just Shetland ponies!

By the calendar, its still Summer, but we're heavy into Fall in our minds.  Already, some of the tomato plants are coming out of the tunnels in anticipation of  cooler weather.  In its place we'll be planting kale, spinach, onions, pak choi, swiss chard.  Right.  Its time to realize that tomatoes aren't forever! Same for cukes , peppers and eggplant.  There'll be more on fall plantings later, but just want to remind you that one of the things that we like to do is to plant carrots by mid November so that  we get an enormously early start for next Spring.  There's something so spiritual about planting things in one season, so that they can be harvest in another one.

Again, we'll be at the Durham Farm Market on Thursdays from 3-6:30pm.  Madison Farm Market, Friday on the green from 3-6pm and Wooster Square,Saturday from 9AM to 1PM.  You can pick up our food at any of these locations.  Additionally, we'll be doing preorders at our shed at 54 Fowler Ave./Durham of Thursdays after 2pm.  Email me before 8AM on Thursday with your order.

What's available this week?

Let's briefly touch on tomatoes.  They are magnificant and tasty beyond your wildest imagination. The colors, taste and texture help me realize how incredible Nature is.  AND, they aren't going to last forever.  I can't make them available in February!  The supply is still very high, but we can already tell that the plants are becoming less productive.

Here's the choices: Heirloom, with their funny shapes and glorious colors at $7lb. Then, there's Juliet which are red, sweet and easy to both cook with and eat raw. 

As for the cherry toms, there's sukura, a red red sweet sweet smalll tomato and the Artisan Variety with reds, greens, yellows and a cosmic flavor you won't forget, and sun golds.  When you order sungolds, be prepared to get a substitute cause we're not as sure of the supply.  All $6.50/pint

Grendaro Tomatoes-for sauce.  $10/quart

Peppers of multi colors and the same for eggplants-both $5/lb

Salad Greens- $6/bag

Swiss Chard,Kale and Collards $4/bunch

Potatoes- newly dug and as full of flavor as anything anywhere $4/lb

Garlic -$3.50/head

Onions- $3/lb

Scallions- $3/bunch

Pak choi- $3.50/bunch

Hot Peppers- $4/basket

Radishes- $4/bunch

Beets- $4/lb

Cucumbers- $2/each

Leeks- $4/bunch

Jen's Already Famous Flower Bouquet-$8

Sunflowers- $5/bunch

Have a great week