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In My Mind, Gone To Carolina

Posted 7/29/2019 10:37am by David Zemelsky.

No, not at all going to Carolina.  But I'll just borrow the beginning six words and add "Fall Planting".  This is, with all the heat around, the very moment to really focus on everything that we'll want to sell to you in October, November, and beyond.  I use to think that if we planted carrots by August First, that we'd be alright.  Now, things feel different.  It could be a variety of things that factor in here, but most likely its climate change.

Farmers are doing a lot of thinking these days about climate change.  And its more than just when to plant something.  Every time you disturb and turn over the soil, carbon is being released into the atmosphere.  Farmers who raise meat animals in the midwest are trying to figure out better feed choices that don't need to be replanted every year.  Its a constant juggling act.

Tragically, for some people, climate change already means disaster.  I'm sure that many of you have heard of a few low lying islands in the Pacific that needed to be abandoned because of rising ocean levels.  And even more tragically is the fact that in most cases, the people who are affected most by climate change are poor people of color.  Let's all of us be mindful of what direction we're going in.

Summer is bringing us the bounty that we are grateful for.  We've got a great list of available food.  If you'd like to pick something up at one of our markets, that would be great.  There's Durham Market on Thursday 3-6:30, Madison Market on Friday from 3-6PM, and Wooster Square on Saturday from 9AM-1PM.  In addition to that, if you'd like to just picking something up from our shed on Thursday, we could do that.  Please get your order in my 8AM on Thursday.

So many cherry tomatoes!

Sun Golds- bright orange and a blazing burst of sweetness. $6.50/pinnt

Sokura- a Japanese variety that are small, round , red and delicious. $6.50/pint

Artisans- different shapes, different colors, different flavors.  Artisans tend to really "wow" people. $6.50/pint

Juliet- my all time favorite and so versatile.  Great for munching out of the container or for cooking.  An unusual combo.  That's why, if I was going to a desert island-they'd be my only choice. $7/lb

Heirlooms- Always amazing in taste and texture. I can, with total confidence offer the following guarantee about heirlooms:  If after taking a bite, you don't jump up in down with delight (regardless of the temperature outside), I'll be happy to substitute anything else for you. $7/lb.

New Garlic- and a beautiful crop, too! $3.50/head

Sweet Peppers- all different colors, purple, yellow,orange, and red $5/lb

Hot Peppers -$5 for a half pint

Cucumbers- three different kinds.  Pickling cukes.  A big handful for $3 and an even bigger handful for $5.  Katrina- thin skinned and very few seeds- $5/lb.  Soyu-an Asian variety. Great flavor, texture and look.  $5/lb

Salad Greens- $6/bag

Kale, Collards and Swiss Chard-all awesome choices for those greens that we all need to eat more and more of.  $3.50/bunch

Beets- gratitude gratitude gratitude.  That's what I think after eating our beets.  Roasted or pickled.  I say "oh yes!" $4/bunch

Haukeri and Scarlet Long Turnips- if you haven't tried haukeri, consider it now. More like a delicious radishes in texture that can be eaten raw. $4/bunch

Carrots- both purple and orange.  Truly a gift. $5/bunch

Red Long of Tropea onions $4/bunch

Scallions- -both white and red $3/bunch

Summer Squash- both green and yellow.  Let me know which ones. $4/lb

Fresh Herbs- ah Summer! Parsley, Oregano,Thyme and Genevese Basil $3/bunch

Pak Choi and Tokyo Bekana- $3.50/bunch

Fennel $5/head

Jen's Now Totally Famous Bouquet-even though this is her first year going solo on flowers, Jen has mastered the bouquet with ease. $8/bunch

Sunflowers - $5/bunch

Nasturiums- a nice bag for $5

Thanks again for all your support.