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Long days, Long Nights wouldn't have it any other way

Posted 7/24/2019 9:35am by David Zemelsky.

As much as I love summer it can certainly feel overwhelming at times.  Ideally everyday you will be very efficient getting everything checked off your list.  Life on the other hand moves irregardless of our carefully crafted plans.  Things pop up, go wrong or you simply make a mistake.  Plans to trellis all the peppers fall to the wayside as you deal with the encroaching weeds or a hungry pest showing up.  Some are familiar like the wood chucks(we're up to 6 trapped and released) and hornworms( I'll spare you the details).  While some are new like the blister beetles and cabbage aphids.  One thing is for sure optimism and flexibility are key and triage is a fact of farm life.

Some things that just can't be skipped are daily harvests of squash, cukes and sun golds.  Late night pickle processing sessions with dinner and planning and sowing seeds for the fall( I know a crazy thing to be thinking about in July). What can we say, you probably have to be a little bit off to be a farmer anyways but we love it.

The good news is we are offering a deal this week on squash and cucumbers.  Get 5 or more pounds of squash for 1 dollar off per pound and slicing cucumbers are buy 3 get 1.  As always send us your order by 8 am tomorrow for pick up out front in the shed after 2pm.

Heirlooms and Juliets- $7/lb

Sun Golds- $6.50/pint

Sukura ( a larger red cherry, PACKED with flavor $6.50

Artisan-kind of a middle ground between cherry and heirlooms.  Multi colored and just plain awesome.  $6.50/pint

Salad Greens and Arugula -$6/bag.  Two bags for $10

Soyu or slicing Cucumbers- $2.75 each

Haukeri and Scarlet Turnips- $4/bunch

Red Long of Tropea onions $4/bunch

Scallions- -both white and red $3/bunch

Summer Squash- both green and yellow.  Let me know which ones. $4/lb

Fresh Herbs- ah Summer! Parsley, Oregano,Thyme and Genevese Basil $3/bunch

Big Kale- $4/bunch

Swiss Chard-$3.50

Collards- $3/bunch

Beets- You've got to experience roasted beets! And try Jen's idea- roast them with coconut oil. $4/bunch

Pak Choi and Tokyo Bekana- $3.50/bunch

Fennel $5/head

Jen's Now Totally Famous Bouquet-even though this is her first year going solo on flowers, Jen has mastered the bouquet with ease. $8/bunch

Sunflowers - $5/bunch

Nasturiums- a nice bag for $5

Thanks again for all your support