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To All Of Us Who Breath The Same Air

Posted 5/13/2019 3:20pm by David Zemelsky.

Dear Breathers Who All Breathe the Same Air,

My sister told me that I should read this book that she's reading by Bill McKibbin called "Falter".  In it, according to her, McKibbin outlines the concept that if we don't do something immediately about the way our environment is going, that a whole list of unspeakably terrible things will happen to our planet.  Mr. McKibbin is not alone is this view.  The United Nations very recently published a very thorough and extensively researched report on the state of the  earth.  One of, and probably one of the most terrifying  things that they reported was that millions of species are heading inevitably towards extinction.  The UN report does state that we can turns things around, however it must be an extensive and immediate response.  The report didn't raise much of a concern from those that believe that climate change is not real.

I believe that climate change is real. This kind of news concerns me more than I can describe.  Already, people of less means than myself are suffering as a result of the activities of modern society.  I wish there was some way for me to understand those on the planet who claim that climate change is not a fact.  None of these people (or at least 99%), are people of science.  What I worry about is that most of them are the people of power who believe that the very most important thing that a politician can do is to keep production of things up no matter its environmental impact.  If the cessation of certain activitiess would mean less money in the pockets of the owners of these activities than the politicians are going to certainly vote in support of their continuance. 

This little note of mine-I hope that it finds you in agreement with its statements.  If not, then I hope that you'll look deeper into the subject.  Perhaps buy Mr. McKibbin's book and approach the subject with an open mind and find yourself agreeing with 99% of every single scientist.  And lastly, I'm hoping that for those of you who don't agree that climate change is a real thing, that you won't feel alienated by my opinion on the subject.  I feel strongly on the matter and hesitated mixing this in with our usual conversations, but only for a moment.  These are trying times on so many levels-we need to not hide from our convictions.

CSA starts two weeks from this Thursday in Durham (5/30), followed by Friday (5/31) in Madison and Wooster on Saturday (6/1).  There is still an opportunity to join now.  By doing so, you'll be getting the most flexible and delicious CSA anywhere (a very bold claim, indeed.  But I mean it).  Additionally, you'll be saving money because your CSA dollar goes so much further than a regular dollar.  Roughly speaking, there's a 20% savings. And another factor is our committment to work with you and your own personal comings and goings this Summer.  If you miss a week or two for any reason (I like to know where you go because I'm nosy, but its not required!), we'll make sure that you either get more the next week or add an extra week at the end.  If you don't want much a certain week, you can get more the following week.  You'll find us the most reasonable people on the lot.  Sign up on line.  If you're hesitating because its a lot of money all at once, get a hold of me and we'll work out something else in the payment schedule.  Just don't not join because of lack of money, we're both creative.  And getting the right food is priceless.

Most everything from last week is available this week. 

New this week is Raddicio and Red Head Lettuce. Both $2.75/head. So many people love the bitter aspect of raddicio.  This one is mild to moderate bitter.  I'd recommend trying. The red lettuce is so crunchy and sweet.   Here's pictures of them below.

Raddicio.  Its color and texture will please raddicio lovers.

Red head lettuce

Here are our pea blossoms.  Its hard to believe anything could be this pretty!


Make sure to read all the way to the end.  Lots of tomato/herb/flower plants for sale.

Lets focus first on pea tendrils.  Sometimes known as pea shoots, these wonderful greens are so useful in many ways.  My favorite thing is to make pesto using the pea tendrils instead of basil, which many of you, I'm sure are very familiar with.  Its every bit as delicious as basil pesto.  Look also towards Asian Culinary dishes.  Did I tell you how amazing pea tendrils taste?  Do you like raw peas?  Most people are crazy about them.  The whole plant taste exactly like raw peas.  You just don't have to shuck them.  Salads? Sure,  just add to your salad green bag or perhaps some of the amazing lettuce heads that we're going to offer this week. Its $6 a bag, but I'm hoping that the idea of putting a bit extra in each bag will convince you to give pea tendrils a try.

Above are the pea tendrils.  They taste just as good as they look.  I recommend them

Lettuce heads-sure there's a lot of fancy names, but what it boils down to is an amazing head of lettuce.  Between the texture and the taste, its hard to say which is the best.  I will say that you shouldn't wait long to pick them up,  they need to be treated with a certain amount of care and refrigerated ASAP $2.75/head

Spring Garlic- I don't know about you, but the garlic you'd get from S and S-its really disappointing.  Now, we can offer you our Spring Garlic.  It hasn't bulbed yet.  What you get is a stalk that is 100% useful.  The roots can be used in soups and everything else right up to the very tip can be cut up and used for a sensational garlic taste.  Does not go thru the garlic press yet. $2/stalk.

Arugula, Salad Greens or Braising Greens- all $6/bag

Spinach- $6/bag.  They'll be a bit fuller than a normal sized $6 bag

Radishes and Hakeuri Turnips-both $4/bunch.  These have been the 2019 surprise of the year, so far.  The crop is crunchy, snappy, beautiful and everyone wants them.  The turnips can be eaten just like radishes-raw. Both of them have excellent greens that can be put in salad or lightly toasted with olive oil.

Green Onions- $3/bunch.  What's there not to like here?

Swiss Chard and Kale- $3/bunch


Pak(Bok) Choi and Tokyo Bekana- both $4/bunch.  These Asian Greens really make the difference in a great vegetable dish

For those of  you growing some of your own stuff,now would be the time to get those tomato, herb and flower starts.

All Herb Plants are $5/  There are 4 different kinds of Basil, for starters. Genevese,Tulsi (Holy), Thai and Spicy Bush.  They are all way different from each other and each of them are amazing in their own rights. You can't go wrong.

Also, oregano, summer and winter savory,rosemary,sage,.thyme, chives, parsley, cilantro,lemon balm, hysop.

Dwarf Sunflowers have really become more and more popular over the years.  They grow to 2-3 feet and are happy most of the Summer.  Small pots $5 and big pots $10.  They'll do fine in the pot or can be transplanted to your flower garden.

Below is Teddy Bear Sunflower