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Why Farm

Posted 4/29/2019 3:29pm by David Zemelsky.

First off, I'd never be able to cover this conversation in a whole book.  But sometimes, I think its good to challenge oneself to try and say something short and succinctly and boil it down to its essence.  It taste better in the brain, if you know what I mean.  Star Light got its start, not from a long yearning to farm, but rather  for Ty and myself to find a way for both of us to get our needs met as a couple.  The notion that we could make our living in our backyard was extremely appealing.  Sometimes solutions are right under ones nose and in this case, that was literally the case.  Now, 20 years later, I'd have to say that ended up as an awesome decision.  But I digress from the question-why farm? I farm because the act of growing things reminds me that we are all mortal. We have a definite ending, as well as a beginning.  That honest food is as pure as love and just as nourishing. (Or close, anyway!) That watching vegetables  grow is a wonder unto itself, that I (for one) will never get tired of.  That customers such as yourselves are incredibly appreciative of the hard work that goes into putting those vegetables in front of you to buy.  That knowing that the food that we grow taste better than anything that you'd find at the big boxes.  So, that's my elevator pitch answer.  Oh yeah, one more thing, getting my hands dirty in soil is good for the soul.

Starting this Friday, we'll be at the Madison Farmer's Market from 3-6.  Great selection of farms and convenient parking.  Come down, so we can meet you!

CSA reminder:  This is your best way to get our food at the very best price.  Three drop off locations. Durham, Madison Farmers Market (Friday 3-6), and Wooster Square in New Haven. (Saturday 9-1pm)  If not sure if the CSA is right for you, please call me at 860 463 0166 and I'll do my best to explain with the experience might be like for you.

This week, we've got everything that we offered last week PLUS pea tendrils.  Pea tendrils are used extensively in Asian Cooking, as an amazing garnish and for pea tendril pesto.  Heartily recommended . $13/lb

Mother's Day Hanging Strawberry Baskets.  As mentioned earlier, these are magic plants.  If the person you wish to buy them for is somewhat annoyed (or even worse) with you-giving them one of these plants will guaranteed to put your relationship immediately back on the right track.  On the other hand, if things are fine and you're just trying to be nice to someone, these will more than suffice.  $25 each

Herb Plants: so many to chose from. Parsley, cilantro, thyme, summer savory, genevese basil, holy basil , spicy bush basil,thai basil,chives, rosemary. $5

Tomato Plants! Sun Golds, Juliets, Striped German, Green Moldovan, many large yellow and red heirlooms.  I make a practice of only selling tomatoes that I personally love.  That's my best recommendation.  $5/each

Pepper Plants: only Bells. Orange, Yellow and Red $5/each

We have an infinite amount of radishes, French Breakfast Radish, Rover ( a nice perfectly round red one) and a Japanese offering called Scarlet Long.  None of them are too spicy.  And they're all crisp and snappy. $4/bunch

Salad Greens- with 4 different kind of wonderful lettuces, both red and green, red russian kale, asian greens, tokyo bekana $6/bag

Arugula- really nice stuff $6/bag

Braising Greens- Big Sale!  We're chock full!  With either spicy or non spicy. Mizuna, kale, chinese cabbage, mustard  $6 for a double bag

Pak Choi, Chinese Cabbage, Tokyo Bekana,swiss chard $4/bunch

Spinach-On sale, too.  Double bag $6

Cilantro Bunches- $3

I hope you see something that you like.  Please, just email your orders.

Have a great week.